When it comes to beauty, there are few people we trust more than Heart Evangelista. The actress, artist, and newly minted YouTube darling is always radiant, so you can’t blame us for constantly looking to her for glow inspo. So much so that we’ve even peeped her makeup routine before and rounded up her faves to get as close as we could to copping her signature look! But Heart is luminous even when she’s bare-faced, which begs the question: what exactly is her beauty secret? While we’re sure good genes and celeb-level skincare are major factors, we also know that she swears by Glutathione supplement brand Thiocell. And yes, of course, we have ‘em ready for you to add to cart. But first—what makes them so special that Heart greets every morning with a tab? Scroll for the fast facts!


THEY’RE MADE OF A POTENT & BALANCED MIX OF SKIN-BOOSTING INGREDIENTS Each lozenge isn’t just made up of pure Glutathione. Instead, it’s also formulated with Vitamin C, L-Selenomethionine, Vitamin D, and Grapeseed Extract to ensure that core ingredient Glutathione works as well as it should. All of these combined work double time to encourage healthier, glowing skin overall.

THEY’RE UNIQUELY FORMULATED FOR MORE EFFECTIVE ABSORPTION Unlike other Gluta supplements, these are meant to be consumed the way you’d take a Flintstone vitamin. All you have to do is pop a tab once a day and chew until it’s dissolved. Besides convenience, its lozenge format makes it so that your body absorbs more of the supplement. It skips all the bodily processes that other capsules typically go through, instead getting to work immediately once you bite down.

THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU BRIGHTER SKIN IN AS EARLY AS TWO WEEKS Like we said, we know most people take glutathione supplements for their supposed “whitening” effects. We’re not keen on that, but we do love anything that can promise a healthier, more luminous complexion. It may vary from person to person, but Thiocell’s speedy claims are definitely compelling.


“The lozenge tastes like grape candy, so taking it was no problem! The texture was chalky but not dry in my mouth, which made it easy to swallow. As far as how it compares to other options, I like how this is strategically designed so that all of the Glutathione in each lozenge is activated when I consume it. Not a milligram goes to waste! I’ll need to take it for longer to see if it’s as effective as its claims say, of course, but I’m optimistic. Looking forward to healthier skin already!” -Ayana

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