Life may be short, but your lashes don’t have to be. Unfortunately, growing them overnight isn’t exactly an option—so, we’re going for the next best thing: All-Belle Lashes’ falsies. These easy-to-apply lashes are perfect for even the most clumsy-handed gals. Made from the finest synthetic fibers, they’re so featherlight you won’t even feel ‘em! Curious enough to try? Below, see our 4 fave falsies for every occasion. Whether you’ve got a big date or a casual weekend brunch, All-Belle Lashes’ has got a look for you. Scroll!
Date night calls for something soft, yet sultry. Stick to falsies that accentuate your eyes without making you look overly done. Case in point: the C3824 falsies. These flirty lashes are made with extra fine, fluttery strands that open up the eyes. With just the right length, they blend in perfectly with your natural lashes. Talk about eye candy!

TRY: All-Belle Lashes C3824, P875 For formal occasions, a little glamour is a must! For a classy effect, go for falsies that offer both curl and length. Personally, our go-to is the C3122 falsies. Made with dense, wispy strands, they add volume without looking heavy—giving your lashes a naturally full look. Red carpet-ready!

TRY: All-Belle Lashes C3122, P875 One of the best parts of a GNO is definitely getting dressed to the nines. If you plan on going all out, why not do the same with your lashes? The 4125 falsies are long, voluminous, and flirty. Full at the base and fanned out at the tips, they create just the right amount of drama without going overboard. Perfect for an all-night party!

TRY: All-Belle Lashes C4125, P875

Want to stand out from the crowd of fellow fans? Pop on the C4181 lashes. These fun falsies feature short and medium length strands that form dramatic, triangular tips. Made with extra dark black strands, these falsies basically demand to be noticed. What better way to steal the spotlight?

TRY: All-Belle Lashes C4181, P875

Flaunt those falsies!