The words “face” and “oil” might not sound very appealing together, but facial oils certainly prove otherwise. First used by the Ancient Egyptian glamazons, these not-so-secret beauty remedies have made waves in modern skincare. They are able to nourish, hydrate, and strengthen your natural skin barrier, and they layer well with other products as long as you use just enough.

Be careful which facial oil you pick up, though! Not all are created equal—and by that we mean it’s rare to find an oil that suits every single skin type. Below, a quick guide to which oil is best for your face.
Gasp, even more oil for an already oiled-up skin? Yup—hear us out! When you strip your skin of moisture by over-washing or over-sunning, your body’s natural reaction is to produce more oil to compensate. Facial oils easily counter this problem. How? By replenishing the natural oils you lost and restoring balance to your skin! Just stick to non-comedogenic and non-greasy formulas (“dry” oils, if you will). These provide deep hydration without creating more grease.

TRY: Lumiere Organiceuticals’ Pure Cold-Pressed Pomegranate Seed Oil, P999
Flaky, dehydrated skin is one of the most uncomfortable things you can experience. For less dry patches, marula oil is the answer. This popular African oil penetrates deep into the skin for thorough nourishment. Rich in essential fatty acids, it also mimics those that are naturally found in your skin. Try applying it right after cleansing and before moisturizer.

TRY: Ollie & Co. 100% Organic & Natural Marula Oil, P1,200
Things can get tricky when you’re both oily and dry. Should you moisturize or wash more often? How do you deal? Well, like any problematic skin type, combination skin simply lacks balance. For the best fix, go for jojoba oil! This natural elixir is known for how quickly it sinks into the skin. That means it won’t sit on the surface long enough to trigger excess oil on your T-zone. No shine, no dry patches!

TRY: Beryl Essentials Jojoba Oil, P689
If you have high-maintenance skin, you need to be very picky about your products and prepared for any kind of weather. Give emu oil a try! This all-around healer is especially beneficial for sensitive skin. It’s able to calm irritation and keep out harmful external factors while moisturizing the face beautifully. Win-win.

TRY: V&M Pure Fully Refined Emu Oil, P1,960
With maturity comes wisdom, experience, and the inevitable wrinkles. As we age, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture, which in turn, makes the surface more prone to damage. Now, it’s no time machine, but rosehip oil can help ward off those pesky fine lines. It’s packed with anti-aging properties that reverse damage and maintain a healthy moisture barrier. Translation: your skin will stay as smooth as a baby’s bottom.

TRY: Organic Alley Rosehip Oil, P510

Bring on the moisture!

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