There are some blemishes too problematic for foundation alone to cover up. Sometimes—okay, most of the time—we need a bit of help. That’s exactly where concealer comes in. The girls at the BeautyMNL office live for it!

Why? Concealer covers up dark circles when your work won’t let you sleep and camouflages zits during that time of the month. Suffice it to say, our favorite concealers are always there when we need them.
So when our friends at Benefit sent over their brand-new Boi-ing Concealers, we could not wait to try ‘em! Take the eraser-inspired packaging as a hint: this collection really erases imperfections.
Each available in a trio of shades, these 4 concealers hide everything from pimple marks to panda eyes. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

THE ISSUE: Active blemishes and dark scars
THE SOLUTION: Industrial Strength Concealer, P1,200
The first of the Boi-ing lineup, this creamy matte formula smoothes out your skin texture and conceals discoloration. It offers the heaviest coverage out of the bunch and will never cake or crease.

Shop the Industrial Strength Concealer here.

THE ISSUE: Dry, sagging skin and crow’s feet
THE SOLUTION: Hydrating Concealer, P1,200
Sheer and super lightweight, this nourishing concealer stick is perfect for the delicate eye area. Its hydrating formula won’t settle into fine lines or emphasizes wrinkles. Made with Vitamin E and apple seed extract, it keeps the skin hydrated for up to 6 hours.
Shop the Hydrating Concealer here.

THE ISSUE: Dull skin and dark under-eyes
THE SOLUTION: Brightening Concealer, P1,200
Now, if you’ve got really dark and persistent circles, that’s a whole other story. Rest assured, this full-coverage pigment will solve your problem in a cinch. It contains color-correcting properties that cancel out bluish undertones and boosts radiance.
Shop the Brightening Concealer here.

THE ISSUE: Textured skin
THE SOLUTION: AirBrush Concealer, P1,200
For all-around, skin-perfecting coverage, try this concealer on for size. Its silica-infused formula acts like a real-life filter. Its buildable consistency blurs large pores and obscures surface imperfections. Best of all? It’s so lightweight, you can even use it in place of regular foundation!
Shop the AirBrush Concealer here.

Remember, we’ve all got our flaws—but these creamy cover-ups are sure to keep ‘em under wraps. Grab ‘em now!

These Benefit products are all available on BeautyMNL. Shop them right here!

Photos by Carli Dagdag

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