Every day, we get questions from our customers about all things beauty. It can be about anything, from which products we personally swear by to exactly how to use them for best results. So this week, the BeautyMNL Editors are answering a few inquiries that came in through the mail. By that, of course, we mean our email: sos@beautymnl.com. There’s no Q too big or too small, too strange or too simplistic, so keep ‘em coming, beautiful!


Jackie: “I want to get into skincare, but to be quite honest, the whole 10-step routine is too expensive and daunting for me. What’s the most minimal regimen I can do that’s still effective?”

ANSWER: We get it—as much as we love an extensive and pampering skincare regimen, it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s not to say you can’t still enjoy the benefits of a customized routine! All you need is consistency, commitment, and the essential components. Below, find the 5 skincare steps you absolutely can’t skip, regardless of your skin type. Sticking to these crucial steps will ensure your skin stays clean, nourished, and protected. You know the drill!


Whether your skin type is oily, dry, sensitive, or combination, double-cleansing is one crucial process nobody should be skipping. It starts with a good oil cleanser. Simply massage it over dry skin to melt away makeup, dirt, and excess sebum. By starting with an oil, you dislodge every trace of buildup that water or facial foam alone can’t flush away.

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Once the oil cleanser has done its job of lifting away surface dirt, clear away any residue with a water-based cleanser. Mix the solution with water until it lathers into a rich foam. Then, gently massage it all over your face. The foam will whisk away any leftover oil product along with the impurities stuck to it. The goal is to wind up with a clean canvas that’s ready to absorb the rest of your skincare.

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A toner should come immediately after your double-cleanse. Perhaps one of the most versatile steps in any routine, toning preps your skin so that it can efficiently receive multiple layers of skincare. The best, hardest-working formulas provide light hydration, restore your skin’s optimal pH balance, and give your face a final cleansing sweep. You can pat your toner all over your face with your palms or dispense it into a cotton pad for mechanical exfoliation.

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Now, on to the main event: moisture. Beyond removing that tight, stretched skin-feel, a good moisturizer should provide proper nourishment. This helps maintain optimum skin health, protect against external pollutants, and repair any existing damage all at the same time. No special tips here: simply spread a dollop of product all over your face to moisturize it! Then, gently pat to help it sink in.

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Last but not least, you must apply SPF every morning. We’re all exposed to harmful UV rays even while we’re indoors, and this can cause serious damage. Not only does sun exposure break down the elasticity of our skin, it also darkens existing hyperpigmentation, weakens the moisture barrier, and increases the risk of skin cancer. Yikes! That’s why wearing sunscreen is the only way to keep your skin fully protected. It filters out those harmful UV rays to control the amount of damage and keep your skin looking healthy and young.

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These steps are the absolute pillars of skincare. So if you’re looking for a short routine, they’re the non-negotiables that should definitely feature in your lineup. If, on the other hand, you’re fine taking a longer route, use them as your foundation and build extra steps around them! The choice, ultimately, is yours.