Every day, we get questions from our customers about all things beauty. It can be anything, from which products we personally swear by to exactly how to use them for best results. So this week, the BeautyMNL Editors are answering a few inquiries that came in through the mail. By that, of course, we mean our email: sos@beautymnl.com. There’s no Q too big or too small, too strange or too simplistic, so keep ‘em coming, beautiful!


Fay: “I’ve finally completed my 10-step routine, but I’m a little confused about how to apply the products. What’s the proper way to do this for each step?”

ANSWER: How you apply your skincare is just as important as the products you’re slathering on. Depending on the way you do it, your application can either maximize the effects of your regimen or waste your efforts (not to mention, your money!). Since we’re pretty sure you want to avoid the latter, we’re volunteering our help. Below, BeautyMNL’s comprehensive guide to proper skincare application.


ORDER OF APPLICATION: As the first step in your double-cleansing routine. You may use it morning and night, but oil cleanser is especially needed in the evening when removing your makeup.
HOW TO APPLY: Scoop out a coin-sized amount of product. (This will vary depending on how much makeup you’re removing, so just add more as necessary.) Dot it all over your face, then gently spread into an even layer.

Using the pads of your fingers, lightly massage your skin to dissolve makeup and dirt. Really work the product into those hard-to-reach corners, like the sides of your nose and the area around your eyes. Once every trace of grime has melted, rinse your face with lukewarm water. The oil will emulsify and turn milky as you wash it off. You’ll know it’s time to stop when the water runs clear.

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ORDER OF APPLICATION: As the second step in your double-cleansing routine, immediately after oil cleanser.
HOW TO APPLY: Once you’ve rinsed off the cleansing oil, follow it immediately with facial wash to get rid of stubborn residue. Dispense a pea-sized amount of product into the palm of your hand. Using your fingers, lather the foam into your wet skin using upward, circular motions. Start at your cheeks and work your way out towards the perimeter of your face. Rinse off with cold water to tighten up your pores.

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ORDER OF APPLICATION: Immediately after cleansing.
HOW TO APPLY: Toner can be used two different ways: as an additional cleansing step and as a preparatory exfoliation step.

For additional cleansing: Spray the product over your entire face (or just decant it into your palm). Keeping your eyes closed, pat in the toner using the flats of your palms until it absorbs.

For extra exfoliation: Soak a cotton pad in the toner. Lightly sweep it over your face using upward motions. The cotton pad will gently buff away dead skin and pick up any dirt you may have missed during cleansing.

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ORDER OF APPLICATION: After toner, right before moisturizer. Actives go first, then serums and essences.
HOW TO APPLY: Whether you’re using an anti-acne treatment, brightening serum, or hydrating essence, the application is exactly the same. Start by placing 2 to 3 drops of product in your hand. Spread the product over your palms. Press the product into your skin by “hugging” your face with your hands.

Since actives, serums, and essences are highly-concentrated, targeted treatments, apply them only where you need them. No need to apply every single one of them over your entire face unless absolutely necessary. Only move on to the next after each product has fully absorbed.

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ORDER OF APPLICATION: After essence, serum, or any other treatment containing active ingredients.

HOW TO APPLY: Rubbing your moisturizer into your skin is one of the most common skincare mistakes. The right way to apply it is to spread ‘n’ pat.
First, scoop out two dollops of product. Dot over your forehead, T-zone, cheeks, chin, and of course, your neck.

Esing your fingertips, gently spread the product over your skin until your entire face is evenly coated. Here comes the important part: gently, yet firmly, press the product into your skin with the flats of your palms. This patting motion allows the cream to penetrate deep into the skin instead of sliding over its surface. This results in more lasting and effective hydration.

Be sure to cover all your bases by applying moisturizer over your neck. To do this, take another pea-sized amount of product and apply it upwards (this will help counteract the downward pull of gravity). Start from the base of your throat and sweep the moisturizer all the way up to your jawline. Pat-pat-pat, and ta-da! You’re packed full of moisture without pulling at your skin.

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ORDER OF APPLICATION: After moisturizer and before your sleeping pack.

HOW TO APPLY: Compared to any other skincare step, eye cream requires most delicate application. First, take two tiny dollops of product—one will be used on each eye. Using your ring finger, dot the cream under your eyes, over your brow bones, and on the **outer corners of your eyes where crow’s feet would normally occur.
Gently dab these areas until the eye cream absorbs. We can’t stress enough that you must always use your ring finger. Since this finger is the weakest joint in your body, it applies very little pressure and avoids stretching out the thin skin around your eyes.

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ORDER OF APPLICATION: After eye cream. This is the last step in your evening routine. No need to apply this in the morning.
HOW TO APPLY: As the final layer of hydration, sleeping packs are applied exactly the same way as moisturizer. Scoop out a pea-sized amount of product and dot it all over your face. Spread it until your skin has an even coat of product. Using the flats of your palms, gently but firmly press the product into your skin until fully absorbed. It will form a protective layer over the other skincare products you’ve applied, keeping all that goodness beneath the skin.

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ORDER OF APPLICATION: After eye cream. This is the last step in your morning routine. No need to apply this in the evening.
HOW TO APPLY: For substantial sun protection, start with a large, coin-sized amount of sunscreen (this is one of those products you should use generously). Dot it over your neck, forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, avoiding the eyes. Spread and pat. Make sure not to press too hard—excessive pressure will only wipe away the sunblock and leave patches of skin unprotected.

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Phew! Not a single drop of product left to waste. Now you can make your skincare work twice as hard for the money—because, as they say, you’re worth it.