Every day, we get questions from our customers about all things beauty. It could be anything, from which products we personally swear by to exactly how to use them for best results. So this week, the BeautyMNL Editors are answering a few inquiries that came in through the mail. By that, of course, we mean our email: sos@beautymnl.com. There’s no Q too big or too small, too strange or too simplistic, so keep ‘em coming, beautiful!


E.: “I have pitted scars on my cheeks from my previous acne breakouts. What do you guys recommend to heal or, at least, reduce them?”
ANSWER: When it comes to deep scars or acne wounds that have left crater-like indentations in your skin, there’s only so much topical skincare can do. Only a professional laser treatment can completely pave away that level of texturization. In lieu of lasers, what you can do to at least minimize the depth of the scarring is this: exfoliate regularly and use anti-aging treatments that boost cell turnover.

Regular exfoliation gradually smoothens out rough areas and improves the appearance of uneven skin. Anti-aging products, on the other hand, encourage the production of new skin cells to plump up the skin, especially where it’s damaged.

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Exfoliator Tips: Choose an exfoliator that suits your skin type. If you’re sensitive, try a gentle peeling gel to buff away roughness without causing irritation. If you’d like a more potent treatment, opt for exfoliating pads. Each pad comes soaked in an anti-acne solution—so, not only does it smooth out your skin, it also prevents further breakouts.

Anti-aging Product Tips: Complement the exfoliation process with an anti-aging treatment. Choose a serum with powerful healing ingredients, such as snail mucin, stem cells, and bee venom. These youth-preserving properties gradually lessen the appearance of damaged skin by creating healthier skin cells.


Ann Clarisse Aquila: “I’m not really familiar with brushes and sponges, since I don’t know what the difference in the result of applications are. I have the L.A. Girl blender, [which] Mom gave to me for my graduation makeup. But if I’ll be using different products, do I wash the sponge or use a different sponge for that? I’m so sorry, these tools aren’t really my forte.”
ANSWER: Before choosing between makeup brushes and sponges, it’s important to think about which products you are using. For powder-based products like bronzer, setting powder, and eyeshadow, brushes work very well. They allow for precise application and control over the amount of pigment pressed into the skin. On the other hand, liquid and cream formulas can be applied using sponges. They impart a soft, flawless finish without caking or creasing.

Having said that, our final answer is that it really depends on your comfort level with the tools at hand. If you find it easier to apply liquid foundation with a buffing brush, go ahead! If you’re more comfortable using a sponge (or even your fingers) for all your makeup, do that, too. It’s up to you at the end of the day.
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Tool Hygiene: When using a sponge with different products, spritz it with makeup sanitizer between uses. Just apply the solution directly over the sponge and wipe away the excess product with tissue paper. This will help you avoid muddy application. Finally, don’t forget to wash your sponges and brushes with soap and water once a week.

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Rosarie Villabito: “Can you recommend the best sunblock for the face for acne-prone/sensitive skin?”
ANSWER: If you have oily, acne-prone skin, look for a lightweight, non-comedogenic gel sunblock. This will absorb in an instant, wear comfortably under makeup, and is the least likely to clog your pores.

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The last thing you want is to add another layer of grease on top of oily skin, which is why a gel-based sunscreen is your best bet. Barely-there consistency that dries semi-matte? Check. None of that pore-clogging stickiness sunblock is known for? Check. Good SPF protection? Check. Bonus points for zero white cast!

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