Every day, we get questions from our customers about all things beauty. It could be anything, from which products we personally swear by to exactly how to use them for best results. So this week, the BeautyMNL Editors are answering a few inquiries that came in through the mail. By that, of course, we mean our email: sos@beautymnl.com. There’s no Q too big or too small, too strange or too simplistic, so keep ‘em coming, beautiful!


Charlene: “I bought a beauty haul because of a sale and was too lazy to patch test. Something I bought triggered a breakout, but I don’t know which one. What’s the fastest way to heal this breakout? I have sensitive skin.”
ANSWER: Regardless of what triggered your breakout, the best way to calm a flareup is to cut down your routine to only the basics. This does two important things. First, it eliminates the offending product from your regimen. Second, it gives your skin just enough nourishment to heal while letting it avoid all potential irritants.

For the simplest routine, stick to the four essentials: oil cleanser, facial wash, toner, and moisturizer. Remember that your main goal is to give your skin a fresh start. When choosing which basics to retain, pick the ones that contain moisturizing and regenerative ingredients. Snail mucin, aloe vera, ceramide, and propolis are your safest bets. These provide penetrative hydration and repair damage quite quickly.
Last but not least, use sheet masks daily! During the healing process, you want to pack on as much moisture as possible. And what gets the job done better than a cold mask? Opt for old reliables so you are guaranteed soothing action and no more skin drama.

In a nutshell, reversing a breakout only requires two things: go back to basics, and level up your moisture. Only once your skin has normalized can you begin to reintroduce extra steps. With consistency and patience, your flareup should subside within a week. Promise!

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Carla: “I have oily lids, which cause my eye makeup to curl up and die (so to speak). Any solutions?”
ANSWER: There’s no “solution” for oily eyelids, per se, but there are measures you can take to prevent eye makeup meltdowns. This involves two things: first, how you apply your products, and second, how you touchup throughout the day.

ON APPLICATION: First, use an eye primer prior to applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara. This helps absorb excess oil and keeps your makeup in place for a longer period of time. Next, after the primer has dried down, apply waterproof eye makeup. You’ll want it to be heat- and sweat-resistant. Anything that isn’t will break down into clumps, fold underneath your crease, or transfer underneath your eye. Lastly, for good measure, set everything with sheer loose powder. Just dust some over your lids with a fluffy brush to ensure your makeup won’t move.
ON TOUCHUPS: If you have oily lids, a touchup every now and then will definitely be necessary. First, use a blotting sheet to absorb oil. Pat (don’t rub!) the sheet over the areas that are greasiest. Next, if there are any smears or smudges, clean ‘em up so your eyes don’t get muddy. Soak a Q-tip in makeup remover or get yourself a makeup-removing pen! Either one will help you wipe off any problems with precision.

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