Every day, we get questions from our customers about all things beauty. It can be about anything, from which products we personally swear by to exactly how to use them for best results. So this week, the BeautyMNL Editors are answering a few inquiries that came in through the mail. By that, of course, we mean our email: sos@beautymnl.com. There’s no Q too big or too small, too strange or too simplistic, so keep ‘em coming, beautiful!


Lissa: “I’m obsessed with sheet masks. But every time I use one, I end up spilling serum all over the place. It’s so sayang. What can I do to get more out of it?”

ANSWER: Sheet masks are by far our favorite way to de-stress. It’s like squeezing in a spa session in under 20 minutes. That said, we definitely understand your dilemma. Putting on a sheet mask is no foolproof feat! More often than not, you’ll end up with a drippy mess and a whole lot of wasted serum.

To maximize a one-use mask, you’ll want to make the most of every single drop. This is especially true when a brand is generous with its serum servings and leaves a whole lot of excess inside the packaging. Below, we show you 4 ways to get the most bang for your masking buck.
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Sheet masks are typically laden with serum—much more than one face needs. You’ll mostly likely end up with a few spoonfuls left inside the pack, enough for multiple applications. So why not put all that extra stuff to good use?

Before taking out the mask, gently squeeze the sealed pack from top to bottom. This will remove any excess serum from the sheet and deposit it on the bottom (or the walls) of the pack. (This trick will also prevent dripping when you finally apply the mask to your face.) Then, simply decant the excess serum into a small, air-tight container.
Not only is this super economical, it also gives you multiple uses out of one sheet mask. Oh, and it’s travel-friendly, too!


Like we always say, skincare isn’t just for your face! And if a sheet mask does wonders for your mug, imagine the benefits your body can reap from it!

This hack’s really simple: just pour out the excess serum from the pack into your hand. Then, apply the serum all over your body the same way you would apply lotion.
Head-to-toe hydration is our kind of hydration!


Most sheet masks have cut-outs that are much larger than your actual eye area. This prevents serum from dripping into your peepers—but it also means the delicate under-eye area gets no love.

This brings us to our favorite way to use up excess serum: DIY eye patches. To create your own eye patch, cut a cotton pad in half. Then, drop the pieces inside an open mask pack, with the serum still in there, and let them soak. Leave them in there for as long as it takes your sheet mask to dry up.
After you’re done with your sheet mask and have discarded it, place the soaked cotton halves under your eyes. Now, you get two pampering treatments out of one mask pack.

NOTE: If you don’t plan on using your DIY patches right away, place them inside a clean ziplock bag. Store them in the refrigerator and retrieve them later on when you need a cooling under-eye treatment.


For extra relaxation, give yourself a light facial massage during your sheet masking sesh. To do this, simply massage your face with your fingertips in upward, circular motions. Make sure to use very light pressure to prevent the mask from slipping. Of course, this exercise is best done with a sheet mask for a reason! It provides ample moisture for frictionless massaging and acts as a barrier between your skin and your fingers. That means no rubbing, tugging, or unnecessary breakouts.

While this won’t make use of excess serum, it does enhance the overall effects of the mask. (Plus, we’re guessing you did Hack #1 already and the excess serum is sitting tight in a container. Right? Right?) FYI, facial massage delivers a plethora of benefits: it fights wrinkles, lifts the face, flushes out toxins, and boosts blood circulation. Win-win-win.
Now, you’ve got 4 more reasons to hoard those sheet masks!