The graveyard shift can be tough, especially on the skin. And when you lack a good night’s sleep, you can end up looking dry and fatigued—and let’s not even get into those nasty breakouts. All is not lost, however, because with the right regimen, you can still achieve that radiant, crystal-clear complexion you deserve.

Below, an entire shelf of skin solutions that make up a quick n’ easy pre- and post-shift routine. With these formulas at hand, you’ll be glowing ‘til sunrise!

CLEANSER: Bioré Uru Uru 2 in 1 Cleanser, P349 Don’t be fooled by this luscious lather—it’s a triple-threat that leaves your skin sparkling and spotless. It removes light makeup, lifts dirt from the skin’s surface, and detoxifies the pores. Formulated with 40% Beauty Essence, it helps moisturize and plump up the skin.

HOW TO: Pump a pea-sized amount onto your palm, work into a rich lather, and massage onto wet skin. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

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TONER: Laneige Fresh Calming Toner, P250 Working nights can leave your skin’s pH levels off the scale. This tonic, however, is an instant fix. It restores the right levels of oil and water in your skin, and helps soothe inflammation—perfect for acne-aggravated complexions.

HOW TO: Dispense a generous amount onto a cotton pad, and spread across a freshly-cleansed face.

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EYES: Faith in Face Eye Am Not Tired Eye Patch, now on sale at P390 (limited time only) For puffy eyes and dark circles, a hydrogel patch should come in handy. This one is pumped with linseed, broccoli, and walnut extracts, which help deliver ample hydration to dry, delicate areas around the eyes.

HOW TO: Take 2 patches and apply under the eye area. Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes.

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MOISTURIZER: Rorec Snail Moisturizing Hydra Skin, now on sale at P349 (limited time only) Steal that youthful radiance, and take a shot at this time-reversing tub. With a single dollop, you get the best benefits of snail filtrate and hyaluronic acid—we’re talking restored elasticity, reduced wrinkles, and a soft, supple texture. Proof that a good moisturizer doesn’t have to come at a high price!

HOW TO: Spread a peso-sized amount onto your face. Pat to absorb.

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SUNBLOCK: Lauren & Co. Beauty Bare Skin Facial Sun Mist with SPF 70, P299 You may be indoors, but even your computer screen can emit those harmful UV rays. This lightweight formula gives you all the paybacks of a good sunscreen, and more. It’s enriched with grapeseed oil (a good source of vitamin C), which helps strengthen the skin and protect it against free radicals.

HOW TO: Hold bottle 6 to 8 inches away from face, then spray on. Allow to air dry. You can also use it as a setting spray for makeup. NOTE: You can skip this step during your bedtime routine.

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FOR A QUICK REFRESH: Skin Genie Refreshing Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Rose Water Mist, now on sale at P150 (limited time only) Need a little pick-me-up in the middle of work? This buoyant bottle will be your next office BFF. It’s prepped with skin-restoring botanicals, and sprinkled with an extra touch of papaya extract for that instant brightening effect. With a spray of this secret potion, you’ll be looking as fresh as a morning daisy.

HOW TO: Gently shake the bottle, then spritz across face. Reapply as needed.

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