With the abundance of beauty products on the market, it’s easy to get excited about fancy formulas, supercharged serums, and moisturizing masks. But whether you’re a wash-and-moisturize type or a die-hard devotee of the ten-step Korean method, cleansing should be the most important and irreplaceable step in your ritual. And if your goal is picture-perfect skin, double-cleansing is pretty much the only way to go.


Widely practiced among the cosmetics connoisseurs of Japan and Korea, double-cleansing involves using an oil-based cleanser and a water-based facial wash to purify your skin of every kind of debris you can think of. It works twofold: the oil melts through hard-to-remove dirt (the type that would normally stay clogged in your pores), while the facial wash rinses off the remaining residue. Basically, double-cleansing ensures absolutely nothing is left behind—which is especially crucial for acne-prone skin types. Once you’ve made it an everyday habit, you can expect smoother texture, less clogged pores, and an overall brighter and clearer complexion.

To get you started, we’ve lined up the ultimate double-cleansing duo—made by none other than K-beauty fave Heimish! These complementary formulas are infused with anti-acne ingredients that’ll ensure clearer, pimple-free skin with every wash. See ‘em in action, below!


WHAT WE USED: Heimish All Clean Balm, P975

This all-natural, hypoallergenic salve effortlessly eradicates makeup residue and dirt, making it the best formula to begin your routine with. Thanks to shea butter and coconut extract, it doubles as a lightweight moisturizer that leaves your skin feeling smooth and supple. It also contains a medley of citrus herb oils and white flower complex, so it brightens and balances the complexion while removing impurities.
TO USE: Using the spatula provided, scoop a small amount of the balm and spread over dry skin. Massage the product in upward circular motions until traces of dirt have lifted away. Rinse with lukewarm water, then pat dry.

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WHAT WE USED: Heimish All Clean Green Foam, P660

Now that you’ve gotten rid of all that stubborn muck, you’re ready to wash it all off cleansing! This luxurious lather is made with Centella Asiatica and Witch Hazel, which help soothe signs of redness, calm inflammation, and promote a smoother complexion. It’s specifically designed to maintain your skin’s natural acidity and optimal pH balance, while further eliminating deep-seated toxins. The result? A sparkling complexion that’s absolutely spotless!
TO USE: Squeeze a small amount on your palms and work up into a flowing froth. Gently massage onto wet skin using circular motions. Rinse with lukewarm water, then pat dry.
Double double oil and bubble, germs and grime are sure in trouble!

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