With Korean brands at the forefront of the skincare industry, you probably have a shortlist of staples already stocked on your shelves. And if you’ve got your daily routine down pat, you might not be looking for a new formula to change up the game. But the thing about K-beauty brands is that they’re always innovating and improving—and truly, that’s what we love about them!

While many names ring a bell, there are some that deserve a lot more loving—especially since they’re made with only the purest ingredients available and totally against animal-testing. So, we’re putting them in the spotlight today! If you’re looking to refurbish your regimen, then consider these 7 cruelty-free K-beauty brands.

NEOGEN You might have heard about this award-winning cosmetic company. After all, each of their all-natural formulas are crafted with highly-advanced, six-core biotechnology. And when it comes to their process and packaging, they don’t leave the environment out of the equation.

Take their RE:P line, for example. From their gentle cleansers to hydrating creams, each product is made with responsible, all-natural materials and comes in sustainable packaging. Their Gentle Face Cleaning Pad is powered by natural oils, allowing for easy and effortless cleansing in a single swipe.

Shop the brand here.

WHAMISA If you’re a fan of floral-based formulas, then you’re going to love this vegan-friendly brand. They only use the best of botanical extracts, and they’ve developed a signature fermentation process that ensure the effectivity and safety of their products.

They’re particularly known for their Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner, a luscious, brightening serum crafted from aloe, chrysanthemum, and dandelion.

Shop the brand here.

GLOW RECIPE Created and curated by experts Sarah Lee and Christine Chang, this online retail site was born out of their love for organic, harsh-free beauty products. Their mission? To demystify the complex world of skincare, and help women understand and celebrate their beauty rituals.

For instant radiance, try their Watermelon Pink Juice Glow Moisturizer. It’s pumped with a plethora of antioxidants and plant actives, and boosted with hyaluronic acid. It’s also enriched with 90% watermelon, a highly effective restorative that heals damaged cells.

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MAMONDE The word “Ma Monde” literally translates to “My World” in French, and it’s only a fitting name for this brand. Inspired by the healing and nourishing properties of the earth, they offer products that only use the finest plant-based ingredients.

In fact, their Rose Water Toner has become a crowd favorite in the beauty scene. Formulated with damask rose water from Bulgaria, it’s a silky hydrator that provides instant refreshment for sensitive skin.

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NARUKO Originally from Taiwan, this up-and-coming cosmetics giant has expanded all over Asia. They currently have a fanbase of over a billion users, simply because they provide effective (yet affordable) options.

For clay mask connoisseurs, try their Tea Tree Purifying Clay Mask. It doubles as an acne-fighting, sebum-sucking cleanser, and sloughs away dead skin cells with jojoba beads.

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HUXLEY Dermatologists and beauty editors have called this brand the game changer of K-beauty—and it’s no mystery why. They’ve pioneered the use of cactus oils, which contain powerful compounds that actively fight signs of aging.

Treat your skin to a full-blown spa day, and pick up a bottle of their Secret of Sahara Oil Essence. It’s formulated with 61% Sahara cactus seed oil, quinoa, and acai berry—all of which work together to provide intense nourishment to the skin.

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LEEGEEHAAM Established in 1994, LGH was the first dermatology clinic in Korea. Today, they supply dozens clinically-approved, professional-grade solutions that treat acne and various skin conditions.

If you have yet to achieve that Korean gwang (dewy glow), then use their Vita Propolis Ampoule. Infused with honey, rose, and sea buckthorn extract, it boosts moisture levels, minimizes pores, and soothes inflammation.

Shop the brand here.

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