While finger-painting might be one way to apply your makeup, it isn’t nearly as soft, precise, or hygienic as using a proper makeup brush. Now, we’re guessing you already have your basics down pat, but there’s a whole new world of brushes out there to explore and experiment with! Case in point: the 7 super-cool tools below. Once you learn how to wield these babies, your makeup will be well on its way to flawless!

1. PRO Studio Multi-Use Kabuki Brush, on sale at P510 It’s smaller than the average, but the kabuki brush can do just about everything with powder products. Use it to apply cake foundation, blush, and setting powder on the larger surfaces of your face. The densely-packed, feather-soft bristles bring you picture-perfect coverage, while the short stem makes any task a cinch.

2. Nippon Esthetic Dome 6 Face Brush, on sale at P600 Looks kind of like a toothbrush, doesn’t it? This brush is one of the most unique tools in our assortment, but the way it blends foundation and deposits cheek color also makes it one of the most effective. The finish it delivers is airbrushed to perfection—no added effort on your part.

3. Soffia Beauty Opulence Contour Brush, on sale at P1,530 The wedge shape of this brush was made to fit every nook and cranny of your face. Wield it over your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline to bring out your bone structure naturally—none of those harshly-outlined edges.

4. PRO Studio Pan Brush, on sale at P720 This fan-shaped brush actually has a bunch of uses, but we have two favorites: strobing and clean-up. Pick up a little highlighting powder and dust it over the high points of your face for an otherworldly glow. Or use the brush completely clean to wipe away makeup accidents like eyeshadow fallout. The bristles just caress your skin.

5. Morphe G28 Flat Definer Brush, P440 A small brush with plenty of precision, this little nub picks up just enough product to outline your brows, paint on eyeliner, and even contour your nose. We lurve hard workers.

6. PRO Studio Angled Flat Top Brush, on sale at P490 Pack your foundation onto this brush and it will make your skin look Photoshopped. The dense fibers buff in liquid and cream formulas without even a smidgen of creasing. Plus, the angular design of the brush head fits into the hard-to-reach places on your face so you get a poreless, even finish.

7. Morphe G8 Tapered Powder Brush, P999 Because the bristles on this brush aren’t tightly packed, you can never go overboard with color. The design diffuses powder foundation, blush, bronzer, what-have-you over your skin, creating a healthy, natural-looking finish every single time. Have we mentioned how luxurious the synthetic hairs feel on the face?