We’ve been in the beauty game long enough to know that breakouts and dark circles just happen sometimes. When they do, the impulse is to reach for a concealer that’ll hide our little secrets like a champ. Who can blame a girl, right? These days, unblemished skin is on everyone’s must-have list. And if we have to cheat a tiny bit on the way there…well, who has to know?
This is what Pink Sugar had in mind when they formulated Our Lil’ Secret Concealer, one of the brand’s most beloved formulas since its launch in 2017. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?


This concealer is two things beauty girls love: budget-friendly and undetectable. The natural camouflage it creates is awesome considering you only have to cough up P349 a pop. Not only is this concealer super creamy and budge-proof, it’s also formulated with cucumber, camomile, and enough vitamins to soothe your skin. So, through this one tiny tube, you get seamless coverage and a side order of gentle healing. That’s everything you need for a selfie-ready complexion without having to bust out a sneaky filter!


Like all of our fave cosmetics, Our Lil’ Secret Concealer is multipurpose by default. Here are just three ways to use it in your beauty routine.
1. SPOT CORRECTOR. For hygiene purposes, transfer product from applicator to finger or brush before applying over blemishes. For discoloration, direct application is okay. Be sure not to over-conceal the areas to avoid drawing too much attention to them. Blend well.
WE USED: Our Lil’ Secret Concealer with Applicator in Light Medium
2. UNDER-EYE BRIGHTENER. Transfer the necessary amount of product to your under-eye area. With your ring finger or a flat concealer brush, gently dab the pigment into your skin until fully blended. Set with powder to minimize creasing.
WE USED: Our Lil’ Secret Concealer with Applicator in Light Warm
3. HIGHLIGHTER. Apply the product directly to the high points of your cheekbones, down your nose bridge, over our Cupid’s bow, and on your chin. Blend well with fingers, brush, or wet sponge.
WE USED: Our Lil’ Secret Concealer with Applicator in Light Warm

How’s that for some best-kept secrets?

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