Our brows are the most important feature of our faces. And we’re not just saying that—it’s a scientific fact! Unfortunately, they’re also the most challenging feature to get right. Just having to choose the right brow product—be it a powder, pencil, or gel—is enough to give us serious anxiety.
So, how about we decode the system once and for all? Below, our breakdown of 3 kinds of brows and the beauty fixes for their most common woes. All products by DETAIL!
THE PROBLEM: Bald spots and barely-there definition
THE FIX: Brow powder

STEP 1: Shade in your brow with the medium powder. Use feathery strokes to fill in particularly “naked” gaps.
STEP 2: Layer the darkest powder over the tail of your brow. This will give it a stronger, more polished look.
STEP 3: Apply the lightest powder over your brow bone all the way to the inner corner of the brow. This highlight will add contrast and make your new shape pop.
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THE PROBLEM: Missing tail and incomplete arch
THE FIX: Brow pencils or pens
STEP 1: Outline the shape of your natural brow with the pencil.
STEP 2: Fill in any sparse areas with light strokes.
STEP 3: Then, elongate your brow by sketching a tail. Stop when the tail is parallel to the outer corner of the eye. Fill in the tail with the pencil.
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THE PROBLEM: Messy strands and mannish shape
THE FIX: Brow mascaras, A.K.A. brow gels
STEP 1: Work the mascara brush against the strands in the inner corner of your brow.
STEP 2: Then, brush these front hairs up.
STEP 3: Finally, comb the gel through the rest of your brow to tidy the hairs. Use an “up and out” motion to get a softer, more natural-looking shape.
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So, which one will you be using?

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