If you haven’t been blessed with Instagram brows, no biggie! Neither has 90% of the population. We’ve pulled together 10 brow-perfecting picks that prove you don’t need Delevingne genes—just good grooming. Whether you’ve got sparse strands or a low arch, there’s a product (or two) tailor-made for you.
If your biggest brow issue is density, a brow pencil is the key to faking thicker hairs. Just use short and quick strokes to fill in sparse areas, then supplement your handiwork with an all-in-one brow palette. Use the powder to smooth out harsh lines for a more natural look, then comb the gel through your brows to set your actual strands in place.

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Children of the nineties will always love a high arch, but recent years have favored the straight, South Korean style. Embrace your straight brows with a blendable brow powder and tinted gel combo. The powder’s versatile shades will paint your brows softly, while the tinted gel won’t let them smudge.

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For brows with a natural arch, definition makes all the difference. Emphasize that curve with a fine-tipped brow pencil and a flesh-toned highlighter. The pencil will create a sharper arch if you focus it on the outer edges and tails of your brows. The highlighter will make your brow bones pop for extra oomph.

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When your brows are lacking on the tail-end, they tend to create the illusion of a wider nose and larger face. To extend short brows, reach for an easy-to-wield brow pen! Unlike pencils, pens can sketch finer strands and a sharper tail. Once you’ve achieved the length of your dreams, add texture and plumpness to your arches with a few swipes of brow mascara.

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Blessed with bushy brows? A simple setting wax and gel-based browcara are all the grooming you need. Use the wax pencil to push unruly hairs in the right direction and emphasize your naturally gorgeous shape. Then coat on the browcara for color and depth!

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Illustrations by Carli Dagdag

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