Continued from The Bride Guide Part 3: Ultra Fresh, No-Makeup Makeup.


Most brides go for the ultra-natural look because it’s tried-and-tested, and most importantly, timeless. But “classic” comes in many forms—not the least of which is the quintessential Old Hollywood combo of a cat-eye and crimson lip.
Perfect for an evening ceremony, this statement-making look is made for the bride who wants to be remembered. I asked my friend and bridal makeup artist Tippy Destacamento to help me prove it!

KEY PRODUCT #1: Inky black liquid eyeliner
MY PICK: L’Oréal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster, P400
Can’t go wrong with a thick wing tip! It’s simple and crisp, with just enough drama to be stunning. Tippy lined my upper lid and lower rims with this pen-type liner from L’Oréal, which comes in a very inky, Marilyn Monroe-esque black. Tip: Be sure to line everything well, so there are no distracting, sloppy-looking spaces between your lashes.

KEY PRODUCT #2: Subtle brown eyeliner
MY PICK: Pixi by Petra Crayon Combo in Super Natural, P890
Now, you don’t want your eyes to look too harsh, especially since they’ll be paired up with a red lip. To soften the lower part of my lid, Tippy went over the black liner with a softer, creamier brown from Pixi. This gives the eyes a gentle, minimalist look that works for a wedding, instead of a kohl-rimmed rocker vibe.

KEY PRODUCT #3: Two-color brow compact
MY PICK: Dolly Wink Eyebrow Powder in Dark Chocolate , P650
When you want the focus on your eyes, go for softer brows. You don’t want two elements in the same zone of the face competing with one another.
For this technique, Dolly Wink’s brow powder works perfectly. Simply take a brow brush and apply the powder to your arches with a light hand! Tippy blended together both shades in this brow compact for customized, natural-looking color.

KEY PRODUCT #4: Classic red lipstick
MY PICK: NYX Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes, P390
Tippy told me that the best way to paint on lipstick is starting from the center moving outward. This will keep the coat even and not overload the edges of your lips with color.
The lipstick I’m wearing is Mary Janes by NYX, which is a beautiful bright red. This lipstick has a satin finish, which I really love, but I wanted a trendier matte look. So Tippy just placed a sheet of tissue over my lips and dusted translucent setting powder over it to bring down the shine. Ta-da!