When I watched the The Wedding Planner back in 2001, I remember thinking to myself, “I want that job.” You know, making brides’ dreams come true? Fifteen years later, I find myself doing just that—planning weddings on the side when I’m not riding horses or hosting TV shows. This year, I’m even planning my own wedding!

One of the first things a bride does is jump on Pinterest to collect every bridal peg that catches her eye. At the moment, my most active Pinterest board is all about makeup. A girl wants to glow on her day, because that picture-perfect look will last a lifetime—not just in photos, mind you, but in the memory of your groom.
Through this series on BeautyMNL, I’ll be covering four bridal beauty looks that range from classic to individualistic. That means, depending on the kind of bride you are, you can go for a look that’s as fuss-free and casual or as unapologetically extravagant as you please.

Call it the Kate Middleton in me, but I’m reusing products throughout this whole series, so don’t be surprised if you notice some repeats. Fellow and future brides, l hope you enjoy taking this journey with me!


This is generally the most requested makeup look for the big day—brides just never tire of it. After all, the combination of bright, wide eyes and soft, kissable lips dressed in shades of pink is something that has been swooned over for centuries. The camera loves this look, too, and it works on all skin tones.
I asked makeup artist Tippy Destacamento, who specializes in bridal makeup, to help me create this look. Guess what? All the key products are from the drugstore!

KEY PRODUCT #1: Barely-there, pinkish-nude smoky eyes
MY PICK: Pink Sugar Eye Candy 2 Palette, P699
To the ladies who love Urban Decay’s NAKED but have yet to get their hands on it, this is an awesome alternative. I gushed when I tried this palette out. The eyeshadows are not just beautiful in color, but also so soft and seamless when applied to the eyelid.
I wanted a bit of a blushing hue for my spring bride eyes. Tippy mixed different tones of pink and peach together for the main color. Then we blended in sweet beiges and light browns for a natural smoky effect.

KEY PRODUCT #2: Peach-toned blush
MY PICK: E.L.F Blush in Glow, P200
You can’t achieve that wedding radiance without those rosy cheeks! I love this shade from E.L.F.—a shimmery peach—because it works well with a lot of skin tones. Tippy’s tip: pick up some pigment, dust off the excess, and then flit your blush brush over your cheekbones to give you that glowing effect.

KEY PRODUCT #3: MLBB lipstick
MY PICK: Wet n’ Wild Mega Last Lip Color in Just Peachy, P299
You can use your favorite my-lips-but-better tube for this step! Peach-pink shades happen to be perfect for my coloring, so I chose this matte Wet n’ Wild lipstick to finish the look.
Soft, sweet, and subtle—just like flowers in the spring.