Did you miss out on the last site-wide sale? Well, you’re in luck! Due to popular demand, we’re launching another one. For 3 days, from October 29-October 31,2018, our whole product assortment is on a discount of—wait for it—20% OFF!

For wellness junkies who freak as soon as the word “sale” pops up, look no further. We’ve made you a list of our most-wanted Wellness products, which may assist you in devising your action plan. Just make sure to use the promo TAKE20 upon finalizing your purchase (with a minimum of P1,000). And don’t wait: we’re anticipating most of the items will achieve sell-out status—fast.

1 Natural Health Cacao Nibs (Coated). Shop it here.
2 Loose Brews Craft Teas Fitspiration Brew. Shop it here.
3 Ancient Nutrition KetoPROTEIN Ketogenic Performance Fuel (Maple). Shop it here.
4 Ancient Nutrition KetoPROTEIN Ketogenic Performance Fuel (Vanilla). Shop it here.
5 Manuka Health MGO 100+ Manuka Honey 10+ (500g). Shop it here.
6 Nutrifam Organic Chia Seeds (500g). Shop it here.
7 7Grains Company Edamame Protein Pasta. Shop it here.
8 Spectrum Organic VCO Value Size (29oz). Shop it here.

1 Lolo Skinny Calo Cut Diet Caramel (Strawberry Flavor). Shop it here.
2 Vibrant Health Green Vibrance. Shop it here.
3 SugarBearHair Hair Vitamins (60 Gummies). Shop it here.
4 Leptin Teatox 28-Day Weight Loss Tea. Shop it here.
5 Neocell Advanced Skin Hydration (90 Capsules). Shop it here.
6 Optifast Very Low Calorie Diet Chocolate Milk Shake (12 Sachets x 53g). Shop it here.
7 Helicoare Oral Ultra Capsules. Shop it here.
8 Herbs of the Earth Probiotic+. Shop it here.

1 Scentful Living Aromatic Diffuser (85ml). Shop it here.
2 Zellaroma Basic Essential Oils Care Kit. Shop it here.
3 Poppy’s Crystals Gemstone Essential Oil Roller (Pack of 6). Shop it here.
4 V&M Naturals Himalayan Salt Lamp (2-3kg). Shop it here.
5 Chicco Infrared Ear Thermometer. Shop it here.
6 Tides Lifestyle Premium Fresh Diffuser Set. Shop it here.
7 Human Nature 100% Natural Tea Tree Oil (30ml). Shop it here.
8 Aromabotanical Philippines 6-Wick Candle. Shop it here.

1 Bali Towel Bali Towel Batik. Shop it here.
2 Gubby and Hammy Basic Always & Forever Straw Set. Shop it here.
3 Habi Lifestyle Cosmetic Pouch. Shop it here.
4 Anytime Menstrual Cup Menstrual Cup PLUS (Size 1). Shop it here.
5 One for the Road Notabag Raw. Shop it here.
6 The Bamboo Company Panda Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush. Shop it here.
7 Poppy’s Crystals Rose Quartz Crystal Bottle. Shop it here.
8 The Recovery PH 100% Cotton String Bag. Shop it here.

1 Beryl Essentials Avocado Oil (30ml). Shop it here.
2 doTERRA Digestzen Touch. Shop it here.
3 Sow and Gro Flower Garden Kit. Shop it here.
4 Chi Beauty Jade Roller. Shop it here.
5 Easy Cures Heritage Salve Pain Relief Balm. Shop it here.
6 Abby’s House of Glycerin Pain Pain Go Away Menthol Balm. Shop it here.
7 Precious Herbal Pillow Precious Herbal Waist Pillow Pad. Shop it here.
8 Tiger Balm 2 Red Ointments/(30g)+FREE. Shop it here.

1 Atsui Aito Sports Bra in White. Shop it here.
2 Puma Fenty Espadrille in Black. Shop it here.
3 Strength Activewear Floreale Legging. Shop it here.
4 MillennX Margaux in Green. Shop it here.
5 Outdoor Voices 7/8 Tri-Tone Warmup Legging in Graphite/Ash/Dove. Shop it here.

1 Fitique Nutrition Booty Band Loop Resistance Bands. Shop it here.
2 TriggerPoint Massage Ball. Shop it here.
3 Perfect Fitness Perfect Ab-Strap. Shop it here.
4 Harbinger Power Speed Rope. Shop it here.
5 SKLZ Quick Ladder Pro. Shop it here.

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