While we all have our favorite snacks at the BeautyMNL HQ, it’s great to check in to see what our customers love to munch on. Which is why we put together a list of our customers’ favorite treats from our assortment, and cut down the final number to 8.
These snacks are tried and true by you, your friends, and your friends’ friends. Check ‘em out and maybe you’ll get inspired to try something new, too. All under P500!

1. Snack Box Roasted Cacao Nibs Brownie Crunch (125g), now on sale at P68 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: All natural and entirely free of trans fat, this rich, intense, and crispy brownie snack is a must for discerning chocolate lovers.

“If you want a somewhat healthy way to satisfy your sweet tooth and snack cravings, this one is highly recommended. You [will] not regret it, it tastes like a biscuit version of brownies. It is quite sweet and chocolatey but very delicious for someone with a sweet tooth…” — Emily

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2. Oh So Healthy Mango Banana Fruit Crisps (40g), now on sale at P95 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: A flavorful mix of dried mango, sweet potato, and banana chips, it tastes like a tropical vacation in a bag!

“No more salty junk foods in my pantry. This is enough to make me feel good because it’s super healthy. My son loves this also to a point that we can eat 5 of this consecutively together…I even recommended this to my friends and let them know where to purchase it. And take note, it is only 80 calories.” — Mary

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3. Nature Bites PH Glendee Coconut Chips Dark Chocolate (40g), now on sale at P98 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: Made from Philippine coconuts and toasted to perfection, these coconut chips are nearly impossible to resist, especially when coated in rich dark chocolate.

“… I immediately purchased 4 and upon its arrival, [I] put it in the fridge. After lunch, I opened a pack and in 10 minutes, consumed. My daughter also loved it. What I like about this snack is that it has a low glycemic index which is good for a preggy momma like me …” — Andrea

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4. Rains Delicacies Honey Cinnamon Pili Nuts (75g), now on sale at P115 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: Jam-packed with nutrients and minerals on their own, but a layer of honey and dusting of cinnamon makes this nutty snack healthy and indulgent.

“These pili nuts are oh so tasty! I love how they satisfy both my sugary and nutty [cravings]. These are very well cooked since the nuts are super tasty with just the right crunch! I love to eat them as snacks [or] alternative to peanut brittle…” — Bey

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5. ONE Bar Cinnamon Roll (60g), now on sale at P143 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: A protein-powerful way to work a cinnamon roll into your workout regimen, this low-glycemic bar contains 20 grams of protein and (gasp!) only 1 gram of sugar.

“Being such a cinnamon supremacist, I was looking for healthier alternatives to satisfy my cravings with less sugar and more protein, to be particular. Now instead of having cinnamon buns … I’ll have this instead. Thankfully, this cinnamon protein bar exists. It’s really good! Probably became one of my staples…” — Kim

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6. JA Lees Farms Mushroom Chicharon Garlic (100g), now on sale at P166 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: Hearty, wholesome, and low-calorie, these oyster mushroom chips will wake up the tastebuds with its savory, garlicky flavor.

“I’ve tried [Ja Lees] before in [the] original flavor and loved that, so I decided to try this one in garlic. I prefer the original one but this is definitely worth a try if you like garlic-[flavored] snacks. I love that mushroom chicharon satisfies your junk food cravings without the guilt. At 110 calories per serving only, this is definitely worth it…” — Jun

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7. Amazin’ Graze Matcha Green Tea Granola (250g), now on sale at P319 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: Green tea, dried cranberries, and sweet longan are a matcha made in heaven for a glorious pick-me-up in the morning.

“Bought this because I love matcha and it didn’t disappoint. I ate it for breakfast, either with almond milk or yogurt. Both taste good either way. Just a little actually made me feel full and fueled up the whole morning. It didn’t taste bitter but it wasn’t too sweet either…” — Michelle

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8. The Green Tummy I’m Nuts About You! Trailmix (300g), now on sale at P399 (limited time only)
WHAT IT IS: Each bag contains ingredients like almonds, goji berries, cacao nibs, and sunflower seeds—you’ll love every bite!

“This is such a delightful snack to have, especially when you’re craving for something exciting to munch on. Not to mention the healthy fats, antioxidants and minerals that you’ll get with every bite. Plus, this particular trail mix is so versatile! You can simply snack it on its own, sprinkle these on top of your … oats or even mix it in your homemade granola bars.” — Sonia

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