For every skin issue you’re battling, there’s a sheet mask out there that’s a match made in heaven. This one-time use treatment can’t replace a good routine, but there are things it can do that other products can’t. For one, sheet masks allow ample amounts of serum—more than you would normally use with a typical bottled solution—to penetrate the skin. The best ones show a visible difference almost immediately, with results that sometimes last ‘til morning.

And according to our customers, these 5 K-beauty formulas are some of the best around. Here’s what they have to say!


The Face Shop Real Nature Honey Face Mask SH, P65 NUMBER OF FIVE-STAR REVIEWS: 19

“I love buying anything honey and I’m so glad this worked on me. It reduced my redness and made my skin feel tighter. The next morning, some of my breakouts also got smaller. It’s also affordable at its price. 10/10 would repurchase. I think its one of the best honey masks.” — Yasmine, age unknown, Combination Skin

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Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack, P150 NUMBER OF FIVE-STAR REVIEWS: 23

“The Benton Snail Bee Mask is a reliable and budget-friendly sheet mask that I usually reach for whenever my skin is irritated, over-sensitized, suffering from breakouts, or simply in need of little pampering. The formula is gentle yet deeply nourishing and healing, and plays well with other products in my skincare regimen. I’ve tried pricier sheet masks made with better material and soaked in fancier ingredients in the past, but a lot of them failed to calm, soothe, and impart a healthy glow on my skin the way Benton’s no-frills sheet mask does. This mask is just an all-around amazing product and I don’t think I’ll ever stop purchasing this!” – DK, 28, Oily Skin

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Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask, P160 NUMBER OF FIVE-STAR REVIEWS: 23

“I love this sheet mask soooo much! I’m an architecture student, so i go on days, even a week or two without doing my whole skincare routine. But this mask just helps my skin catch up on those days i didn’t do my routine. My skin feels so good and clean and soft and just amazing after using this. Although its on the pricey side, its definitely worth its price!! Would highly recommend to my oily-skinned friends out there!!!” — Eloisa, 20, skin type unknown

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Esfolio Pure Skin Collagen Essence Mask Sheet, P54 NUMBER OF FIVE-STAR REVIEWS: 122

“I tried a lot of collagen face mask already so I was skeptical in my purchase of this brand. But I was surprised by the results the morning after using this. My face feels softer, pores less visible, no red spots anywhere. I reordered 3 packs again the next week for I have decided that this mask will be part of my relaxing evening routine if my schedule would permit. Good Job Esfolio!” — Mayra, age unknown, Sensitive Skin

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Innisfree My Real Squeeze Tea Tree Mask, P75 NUMBER OF FIVE-STAR REVIEWS: 27

“So happy this is finally in the Philippines! I get really bad break outs. This mask helps calm down my redness and really does help lessen small pimples. It feels like a good water based mask that leaves you feeling fresh after. The scent is nice and clean too! I didn’t have to wash my face after leaving it on. I use this mask at night and I woke up with beautiful fresh skin. Bonus tip: I used the excess essence of the mask as a toner” – Lady, age unknown, Oily Skin

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Who else is hoarding these in their next haul?

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