Aging may be natural, but we don’t have to totally surrender to its siren call. For this purpose, anti-aging facials are a godsend. Not only do they give us a wrinkle-free confidence boost, they also safeguard our struggling skin against environmental damage.

Scouting for age-defying treatments that’ll give your skin a new lease on life? Consider these three!

THE FACIAL: Skin Rejuvenating Facial with 24K Gold Mask and Diamond Peel, P950
THE CLINIC: Aesthetic Institute of the Philippines (San Juan)
Sure, we can’t avoid aging forever, but stress and pollution can make it harder than it has to be. Luckily, there are treatments like this one that can help reverse their impact. By thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating your tired face, this “rejuvenating” treatment helps restore your natural moisture balance. In short: hello again, youthful glow!
Each session only takes 1.5 hours. It starts with a deep skin cleansing, followed by a radiance-boosting facial massage. A regular extraction will be performed to clean the gunk out of your pores. To refine any lines and wrinkles that may be forming on the skin, a high-frequency laser will be used. Then, to give your skin a healthy, luminous finish, you’ll be treated to the wonders of a 24K Gold Mask. Talk about going for the gold!

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THE FACIAL: Laser Genesis Super Facial, P3,000
THE CLINIC: Lumiere Skin and Spa (Quezon City and Taguig)
By now you know that SPF is necessary to maintain an ageless complexion. But what’s a girl to do if the sun has already done its damage? Well, there’s always a collagen facial, like Lumiere’s aptly-named “Super Facial.” A truly hardworking treatment, it’s designed to lift, firm, and revitalize aging skin by boosting its natural collagen level.
Each session will take only 1 hour. It starts out as a basic facial with multiple skin massages, deep skin cleansing, and facial steaming. After soothing aloe vera cream is applied, your face undergoes a full comedone extraction. The highlight: a Cutera/Fotona Nd:YAG Machine will deploy 12,000 laser shots to your problem areas, encouraging better collagen production. Instant facelift, achieved!

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THE FACIAL: Pixel Laser Resurfacing, P2,500
THE CLINIC: Simply Skin (Quezon City and Parañaque)
If rough texture, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation are rapidly aging your skin, go for this resurfacing facial. Its laser light technology fades all signs of premature aging, leaving you with a baby-smooth complexion. Plus, it’s virtually painless!
Each session will only take 75 minutes. A topical anesthetic gel will be applied and left to absorb into your skin for 30 minutes. The Pixel handpiece is then used for the procedure proper, which makes quick work of polishing away spots and premature wrinkles. To calm your skin post-laser, the device utilizes a special cooling tip. And just like that, you’ve rewound the clock on your complexion!
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