Considered an innovation not long ago, dry shampoo has rapidly become an everyday staple. Who wouldn’t want fresher, cleaner-looking hair without having to step foot in a shower? The funny thing is, with so many dry formulas now on the market, it’s gotten a little tricky to choose the right one. Below, we’ve put together a quick guide to shopping for your hair type. Read before you spray!


The struggle of this hair type lies in volume (or lack thereof) and excess greasiness. Steer clear of moisturizing dry shampoos—these will just clump your strands together and make them feel dirtier than they actually are. Instead, grab a formula that promises height, texture, and clarifying power.

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Thick hair is both a blessing and a curse. You’ll never have to worry about volume, but keeping those tangles manageable is a serious business. The solution: look for a dry shampoo with less grip! It’ll refresh your hair without disrupting the natural pattern (meaning, no unruly mess after use). You’ll also want a formula with nourishing properties to help unfurl those tangles.

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Fighting the fade is the biggest battle that folks with color-treated hair face. The more you wash your hair, the more touch-ups you’ll need at the salon. To slow down the process, use a sulfate-free formula—because sulfates quickly strip away color. Dry shampoos without any sulfates in them also help lock in moisture and prevent breakage. Used in tandem with a leave-in conditioner, this can easily stand in for a real washing!

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Illustrations by Carmela Dagdag