We are proud to present the fourth BeautyMNL Awards: an eleven-part event that celebrates this fabulous year in beauty and wellness. After comprehensive discussion—and a whole lot of road-testing—the girls at the BeautyMNL office have listed the Best Products of 2019.
In the eleventh and last installment of the 2019 BeautyMNL Awards, we’re recapping all of the Best Wellness Discoveries for the year past. Our team is always testing wellness products—from superfoods and slimming hacks to eco-friendly finds. Not many live up to they hype, so when something goes above and beyond, we want to sing its praises. Here, BeautyMNL staffers list the Wellness discoveries they tried and legitimately loved in 2019.

Alamat Specialty Foods Choco Cashew Spread (240g), P295
“This is as close to a dessert as a healthy-ish nut butter spread can go, and I’m sure of it. Seriously, I have this straight out of the jar, one spoonful at a time. I’m convinced anyone who gets to try it will be a much happier person after the experience.” - Ayana T.

Buko Foods Buko Organic Coconut Spread with Cacao (265g), P295
“Simply one of the BEST organic spreads I’ve ever tasted. It works amazing as a complementary product to your breakfast meals.” - Mary R.

Daddy Mikks Garlic Crunch (130g), now on sale at P162 (limited time only)
“As a Filipino, this is great to have handy at every meal because garlic pretty much goes with everything we eat daily. It’s so addicting! Once you order this once, you will order it again for sure.” - Sabby R.

“HANDS-DOWN GREATEST FIND THIS YEAR! No matter what I eat I just add these to my rice and it instantly makes the meal a whole lot more flavorful! It’s got the right amount of kick mixed with the garlic taste every Filipino loves in their meals!” - Sam K.

EasyFlo Menstrual Cup, now on sale at P809 (limited time only)
“This product was an absolute life-changer for me! I made the switch this year and no regrets ever since. It’s a bit more pricey than Anytime Menstrual Cup, but I swear you can tell the difference in the quality! The silicone is softer and more flexible, and it’s just so easy to use.” - Frankie C.

Elune Sage Smudge (California) (4 inches), P425
“I really didn’t expect much when I bought this, but I was pleasantly surprised with how beautiful the bundle looks and how amazing it smells. I have yet to use it for actual smoke cleansing, but I’m really excited to try it out once I’ve done the research on how to properly do that. Even if you’re not into woo-woo stuff, you can still use it as a cute accent on a shelf or table top by displaying it on a jewelry dish, glass jar, or any holder you prefer.” - Kim V.

Fertilovit F PCOS (132.5g), P4,500
“My friend from high school was the one who told me about this product. She said it’s recommended by fertility experts. Women affected by PCOS may experience ovulatory infertility due to hormonal disturbances. Luckily, Fertilovit F PCOS can not only induce ovulation but also improve oocyte quality.” - Mabel G.

Fragrant Home Candles Travel Collection: New Hampshire Soy Candle (6oz), P685
“I’m a true tita, which means I love a good candle, and my favorite candle of the year is from the aptly named Fragrant Home Candles. Their New Hampshire Candle smells like a dream: really fresh, fruity, soft, and soothing. It’s honestly the perfect way to kick off a weekend in, with an old movie on Netflix and a cup of chamomile tea. Love the classy packaging, too.” - Frankie C.

Herbs of the Earth Adaptogens (60 Capsules), now on sale at P1,259 (limited time only)
“This is my ultimate stress reliever. It’s packed with ashwagandha, astralagus root, and rhodiola among others. It helps me sane and alert during stressful, jam-packed days. Finally there’s an affordable option to get my daily adaptogens!” - Angie G.

Huga Nutrition Biotin Hair Skin Nail Gummy Vitamins Grape Flavor (60 Gummies), P499
“I discovered this product through BeautyMNL’s Wellness Editors’ picks. I tried it out, and I loved the taste! It didn’t taste like a supplement at all—more like a sweet, gummy treat. I’ve noticed that my hair has looked healthier, and gotten stronger since then.” - Carli D.

“Tastes just like the grape flavor of Hi-Chew. Doesn’t feel like you’re taking a supplement at all!” - Nyra S.

Huga Nutrition Probiotics Gummy Vitamin (Yogurt Flavor) (60 Gummies), P570
“These gummies are a fun way to help digestive health. They really work! I feel much less bloated and have more regular movements. The gummies themselves are delicious. The packaging advises 1 gummy a day, so 1 jar will last a long time as well.” - Ynah S.

Hummingbird Banana Langka Spread (25g), P59
“I was so pleasantly surprised to discover this local brand with an impressive selection of spread flavors. This banana langka spread in particular tastes absolutely delicious, especially when eaten with crackers! It makes a lovely pasalubong or gift to loved ones.” - Danna P.

Jeanne & Jamie’s Recipes Digestives (154g), P65
“Just discovered this new brand a month ago and I’ve decided to try all 3 variants of their cookies/crackers. The Digestive Cookies are perfect for light snacks, plus it’s budget-friendly!” - Janika F.

Keep Cup Original Series (16 oz), P800
“I recently started using this tumbler specifically for my coffee runs and matcha lattes. I love how lightweight it is and how easy it is to clean. It comes with a silicone sleeve so whether your drink is cold or hot it can take both. I find myself just bringing it everywhere. Bonus, it’s also great for the environment!” - Kat E.

Karne Litson Kawali Chips (Salted Egg Flavor) (100g), P280
“Ugh, this is like Chicharon with salted egg powder. I’m addicted and even make this my ulam several times a month.” - Shaira M.

Keepwares Reusable Food Bag (Set of 3), now on sale at P238 (limited time only)
“These are incredibly useful for storing my snacks. Whether I bring pretzels or fruits, I won’t have to worry about any unwanted spills.” - Kathy A.

Made by Maxine Cacao Hazelnut (225g), now on sale at P324 (limited time only)
“I’ve tried 5 different almond butters here in BeautyMNL, but this one is my #1 fave! It has the right amount of sweetness, perfect for eating right out of a spoon or as a spread. So happy I found a healthier alternative for Nutella.” - Janika F.

Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump, P19,000
“I’m a huge fan of the Freestyle Pumps of Medela. They’re perfect for someone always multitasking and on the go like me. I am so thankful the Freestyle Double Electric Pump was gifted to me when I had my 2nd child since it allowed me to go hands free so I could still read/play with my eldest while expressing milk for my newborn (as he napped). Don’t know how I’d get anything done without it!” - Ina G.

Moon Juice Brain Dust Bottle (42.5g), P2,499
“My gateway to Moon Juice was their Spirit Dust, which became an integral part of my de-stressing routine in 2018, so in 2019, I had high hopes for their Brain Dust. I wasn’t disappointed. Similar in flavor to Four Sigmatic’s Mushroom Coffee but just a few degrees more earthy (even grassy), this dust REALLY helps me focus with a capital F. I put a teaspoon of it into my morning coffee in place of milk to make sure I start the day on the right foot. It has a noticeable effect on how quickly my mind works, how easy it is for me ignore distractions, and even how creatively I problem-solve. If you’re not used to the taste of mushroom coffee, this’ll take some getting used to. I recommend pairing it with stronger flavors like coffee, roasted green tea, or even protein smoothies to make the transition as seamless as possible.” - Steph C.

Pik-A-Pikel Original Pickled Mangoes (350g), P200
“Finished this in one sitting! I super love mangoes and I love how this has the right balance of sweet and sour! Favorite!” - Bea C.

Pure Bliss Poopoori Spray (10ml), P150
“This poo spray from Pure Bliss has saved me from so many surprise trips to the bathroom more times than I can count. It smells great, works like a charm, and personally, keeps me feeling fresh even after doing the deed. I also LOVE that it’s packaged in the shape of a marker so it’s super handy and inconspicuous! Truly a life saver whenever you’re in public spaces or traveling.” - Claire C.

Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Blend (1kg), now on sale at P2,099 (limited time only)
“I have this to thank for getting me into a healthier lifestyle. This jumpstarted my diet, and I was able to lose 8 pounds without even working out. I started sticking to a strict diet plan and a fitness regimen, so I was able to lose over 15 pounds already since I started taking the BGC!” - Nisee L.

Sleepasil Dietary Supplement Capsule (60 Capsules), P960
“This works like a charm! I take one and am out like a light within the next hour. It’s only not worked once, on a weird night when I was extremely anxious. I like that it helps me sleep quickly when I’m desperate to do so, like if I’m trying to go to bed earlier than usual or if I just can’t fall asleep. As long as I get at least 7 hours, I don’t feel groggy at all the next day.” - Niki C.

Soul Apothecary Mini Portable Aroma Diffuser (Palm-Sized), now on sale at P1,599 (limited time only)
“This palm-sized diffuser is perfect to use after a long and stressful day! Although it’s not as strong as other normal-sized diffusers, but this is primarily due to its size. It’s also discreet since it doesn’t emit fog. It’s super convenient to bring to the office or even on trip. Plus, there’s no water needed—all you need are 4-6 drops of your favorite essential oil!” - Angie G.

SunMum Reusable Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bag (5 Bags), P275
“This product is a godsend for working moms who pump in the office. Since we can’t lug around our sterilizers with us this is the next best thing. It’s a must have for breastfeeding moms who are traveling as well.” - Ina G.

59s Mini Sterilizing Box, P2,500
“Hassle free to use, has long battery life, and fast sterilization process (only takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute)! It’s small and portable yet very efficient. I feel extra clean when I use this. I heard that it’s actually best for pacifiers, toys, and other small baby items, but I use it for retainers, make-up tools, jewelry, or basically anything that can fit in it. If you’re looking for a sterilizer for bigger things, 59S also has a bigger variant. Super convenient!” - Mabel G.

Fazup Anti-Radiation Cellphone Patch (Single Patch), P1,995
“After having read about the many harmful effects of cellphone radiation, I decided to purchase this patch in an attempt to be safe rather than sorry. It’s quite big and can be a bit of an eyesore but can easily be remedied by a cute opaque phone case. This is great for people like me whose life is literally on their phone. My phone is beside me majority of my waking hours and on my bedside when I sleep. I know it may seem like a silly purchase, but I’ve become so much more at ease with having my phone all the time thanks to this patch!” - Patty G.

Roarganics Spirulina Tablets, now on sale at P800 (limited time only)
“These spirulina tablets became of interest around the office because it claims to alleviate constipation in just a day! Initially I was quite hesitant because the recommended dose is 10-20 tablets, but when I opened up the package, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the tablets are small and all 10-20 tablets can be taken in one go. Apparently, there’s no such thing as having too much spirulina. In fact, you will want to OD on spirulina because it’s full of chlorophyll which your body needs copious amounts of to detox, so I occasionally take more than the recommended dosage when I think I need a little more help. My body is super grateful for this discovery!” - Erika G.**

Sip PH Black Rocket, now on sale at P900 (limited time only)
“This might be a biased vote because I really like collecting water bottles, but one of my best discoveries this year is Sip PH’s Rocket, specifically the black version. I own many other bottles and just like the more popular imported ones, this bottle keeps your drink’s temperature just the same but without the hefty price tag. It’s lighter compared to my other bottles also so I tend to prefer carrying this around with me more.” - Angeli K.

The Calm Chakra Queen of Hearts Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet, P1,499
“2019 was the year that I learned more about crystals and their different energies and benefits. I bought a couple of crystal bracelets this year but my favorite has got to be this one from The Calm Chakra. The bracelets from this brand look super unique because they usually mix stones so for those who don’t believe in their power, they make for great accessories too!” - Lianne S.

Tonik Hemp Seed Oil, now on sale at P1,250 (limited time only)
“I’m really glad hemp seed oil is available in Manila! This hard to find supplement is really great for Vegans/Vegetarians. I first heard about hemp seed oil for skincare as it reduces inflammation, but soon found out that it can replace fish oil. With no fishy taste, this is perfect for me!” - Gaile T.

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