We are proud to present the fourth BeautyMNL Awards: an eleven-part event that celebrates this fabulous year in beauty and wellness. After comprehensive discussion—and a whole lot of road-testing—the girls at the BeautyMNL office have listed the Best Products of 2019.
In the fourth installment of the 2019 BeautyMNL Awards, we’re going top-to-toe with hair & body. Without a doubt, this was the year of the underarm: everyone wanted to give their ‘pits its own routine, shopping for any hack to achieve maximum kili-kili power. We were also totally obsessed with scents and fast fixes for unruly locks and dry skin.

For those of you who are only now wising up to the glories of total beauty, we happily rounded up 31 hair & body products the BeautyMNL team loved this year. Pick and choose from our faves for that all-over glow!

Batiste Fresh Dry Shampoo, P550
“Honestly had no idea what kind of life I was living before using this. I always use this not just as a pick-me-up for my hair but also for me, as a person, because of how fresh it smells! It doesn’t leave any flaky particles behind, and always mattifies and styles my hair just the way I like it!” – Sam K.

Be Organic Bath & Body Gugo All Natural Conditioner (250ml), P199
“I was looking for a conditioner that’s natural for my hair and doesn’t irritate the skin near my hairline, and I finally found one in the form of this gugo conditioner!” – Joanna T.

By KD Moon Flower Body Cream (50g), P105
“This cream absorbs into my skin right away and the smell is just so calming to me.” – Julia D.

Celeteque Clarifying Hair and Scalp Care Shampoo, P200
“Perfect for weekly cleansing to remove the impurities that weigh down my hair. I noticed that my hair also looks much healthier now after using this for a few weeks!” – Joanna T.

Dentiste’ Love Mint (50s), P395
“With this, you’re just one pellet away from fresher breath. I always have this in my bag since I love garlicky food, and it really refreshes me after every meal.” – Nyra S.

Good Virtues Co. Radiant & Renewing Anti-Bacterial & Hydrating Shower Cream (700ml), P380
“This smells amazing and lathers up really well! It comes in a huge bottle so you really get your money’s worth. Having that anti-bacterial factor really makes me feel squeaky clean!” – Kat E.

Happy Skin x Posh Nails Express Gel Polish, P299
“I love nail polish, but I always end up ruining them. This one lasts longer than other nail polishes, so my nails stay pretty even if I’m not super taking care of them.” – Kolette P.

Happy Skin Nail Rebuilder Serum Natural Color + Treatment, P299
“My nails are always so brittle, and this really helped make them look healthy and shiny. Also noticed that my nails are much stronger after use!” – Joanna T.

Human Nature Lush Vanilla Shampoo (400ml), P275
“It’s gentle on my hair and scalp, so I don’t have to worry about breakage or dryness. I also try to avoid commercial brands for shampoo, as I find that they (surprisingly) break me out, because of all the added chemicals. This all-natural shampoo has none of that, and it’s one of my faves ever!” – Ayana T.

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (50ml), P175
“I swear by the Human Nature sunflower oil. I put it on everything. More than just a face oil, it’s a true all-around product—it gives dull hair more shine, and it even works to moisturize hands, elbows, and knees.” – Gaile T.

Klara’s Banana Shampoo Bar, P180
“I’m trying to shift towards reducing the amount of waste/plastic I use, so I recently made the switch to bar shampoos with this one! It’s nice, lathers up pretty well, and really cleans my hair. Also it doesn’t smell too strong, which I like!” – Niki C.

L’Oréal Paris EverPure Moisture Shampoo, P350
“Since having my hair colored, I’ve had to switch to sulfate-free shampoo to keep my hair from drying out and the dye from fading away. This one definitely does the job at keeping my hair from feeling like a broom stick and isn’t hard to run through my hair, so I don’t feel the need to use too much product. I pair this with purple shampoo to keep blonde tones from turning brassy.” – Claire C.

Love Beauty And Planet Argan Oil & Lavender Shampoo Smooth and Serene (400ml), P390
“I discovered this when I showered at a fitness studio I always go to, and I don’t think my hair has smelled any better and looked any smoother! As someone with frizzy and curly hair, I feel like I have my best hair days when I use this shampoo, because my hair maintains its curls and volume, but stays tame and manageable at the same time.” – Maia M.

Missha Soft Finish Sun Milk SPF50+PA+++ 70ml, P990
“One of the best sun care products I’ve ever tried! Its velvet finish makes sure that it’s still hydrating, and it doesn’t leave that oily film on your face like most sunblocks do.” – Mary R.

Nature Republic Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel (300ml), P245
“Very versatile natural product that feels very hydrating on skin and hair. It’s also great for making your fingernails look fresh again after it has been doused in acetone! It is also really good sunburnt skin, and is non-greasy!” – Kim H.

Nuxe Paris Huile Prodigieuse Beauty Dry Oil (50ml), P1,650
“I have extremely dry skin and this is the only thing that works to keep it moisturized. I read it also works well as a hair mask and it’s true! Just leave it on for 10 minutes and step into the shower and you’ll feel like you just got a hot oil treatment.” – Ina J.

Palmolive Expertique Anti-Frizz Serum (70ml), P250
“Super nice when you want to tame frizzy and not-smooth hair. Also doesn’t leave your hands oily, so it’s just an easy product to use for a quick hair pick-me-up.” – Frankie C.

PRO STUDIO Beauty Exclusives Hair Velcro Pad, P100
“Hairbands tends to slip off my hair in the middle of my routine so I’m particularly fond of using hair velcro pads. Whether I’m doing makeup/skincare or cooking, they’re very useful for keeping baby hair away from my face.” – Kathy A.

Pure Bliss Argan Hair Series Sweet Vanille Hair Perfume (30ml), P300
“Love using this when my hair’s looking and feeling a little dull. With just a few spritzes, it comes back to life again—plus, it smells even sweeter. Also such a useful thing to have on-hand to get rid of random unsavory scents your hair absorbs throughout the day!” – Ayana T.

Scent Swatch Light Blue Eau de Parfum, P399
“My favorite scent is Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue, which I admit isn’t the easiest to purchase given its price. Since I heard about this Scent Swatch’s dupe for this, though, I haven’t had to worry about stocking up on perfume since it smells exactly like Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue.” – Celine V.

Shiseido Tsubaki Extra Moist Shampoo Refill, P540
“So glad to find this on BeautyMNL since I previously thought that you could only score this in Japan! Tsubaki is one of the most trusted hair care brands of the Japanese and this shampoo walks the talk of the brand’s reputation. This Extra Moist shampoo smells good and effectively nourishes my hair.” – Danna P.

Skin Genie Bye-Bye Bush Sweet Sugar Candy Wax, P150
“I haven’t gone to a wax salon in months because of this! Super sulit because this lasted me the whole year and my hair doesn’t grow back for around 2-3 weeks. You do need to be patient with it, but once you get the hang of using it, it’s really quick and not painful!” – Tati G.

Skin Genie Hair Growth Booster (8ml), P150
“OG product if you wanna grow your lashes! It makes them super flattery and healthy, almost like you got them done at the salon.” – Shaira M.

Toni & Guy High Shine Serum Drops 30ml, P990
“My hair got super dry and frizzy after I had it bleached earlier this year, so I decided to try this product out. Applying 2-3 drops of this to my hair instantly makes it smoother, shinier, and a lot more manageable throughout the day.” – Carli D.

VMV Hypoallergenics Id Clarifying Body Soap, P490
“I have chicken skin and this product greatly reduced it! I also use this with the ID Monolaurin Gel and will definitely purchase again.” – Kaila R.

W.Dressroom Dress & Living Clear Perfume No. 97 (April Cotton), P595
“My all-time favorite scent is powder or anything that smells like freshly washed linen or a newly-bathed baby. To say the least, I landed on a gold mine when I found this perfume.” – Nisee L.

Zenutrients Coffee Body Scrub, P245
“Sometimes, I need a good scrub-down to make me feel clean—and this is just the perfect amount of gritty absolve me of all my dead skin. The coffee scent also helps perk me up on slow mornings, when the last thing I want to do is get out of bed. It’s so good, I probably use this more than I should!” – Dani C.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Stick, P650
“The early stages of using an organic deodorant are the worst—believe you me! But, switching’s been made easier with Schmidt’s. While it won’t sop up sweat, it keeps stink queens like me smelling our best. Plus, the scents are pretty exciting. I’ve used several, but my #1 pick is Rose + Vanilla, which leaves my underarms just as sweet.” – Dani C.

Beauty Bakery No Fail Bacne Spray, P200
“I have always been embarrassed about my bacne, and I didn’t think I could use anything other than soap to help control the breakouts until I found this spray. TBH, I was so skeptical at first, but when I saw its super affordable price-point, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try. I tested it out for about a week, and I was so surprised that the acne began to dry up and the marks began to lighten.” – Nisee L.

Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, P495
“Ever since I started using this cream, my cuticles have become so much healthier. They’re so clean and nice now, it makes me not want to pick or pull at them when I’m stressed.” – Mara T.

Human Nature 100% Natural Rosemary Oil (10mL), P295
“I’ve always battled with hairfall, and I read online that rosemary oil can help support weak hair follicles. After getting my hands on this bottle, I’m happy to say that it’s true! I mix a few drops of their 100% Natural Rosemary Oil into my shampoo every two days to strengthen my hair and keep my scalp healthy. I adore the energizing scent and the slight tingly sensation it produces on my scalp, almost like toothpaste. Tip: Leave your shampoo + rosemary oil hair mask on for about 5 minutes before rinsing it off. The effect is really worth the wait.” – Steph C.

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