We are proud to present the third BeautyMNL Awards: a twelve-part event that celebrates this fabulous year in beauty and wellness. After comprehensive discussion—and a whole lot of road-testing—the girls at the BeautyMNL office have listed the Best Products of 2018. Next on the map for the 2018 BeautyMNL Awards, we’re voyaging through the best discovery products for beauty this year. While we’re crazy for big brands and our tried-and-tested faves, 2018 brought a lot of new recruits to the frontline. And whether or not they’ve been flying under the radar, these noteworthy novices are definitely worth a shoutout!

Behold, the 19 game-changers that have stolen the spotlight—spanning everything from newly launched local faves to the underdog products we wish we had discovered sooner. Go ahead—have your pick!

Modern Rituals by HIMA Jade Roller Deluxe, now on sale at P1,088 (limited time only) “I didn’t think I’d love this as much as I do now when I was gifted this. Aside from getting a relaxing facial massage, I feel like jade rolling has helped reduce the puffiness of my face. I use this after putting on a sheet mask and I find that it helps the rest of the serum absorb into my skin.” – Patty G.

RiRe Fork Eyebrow Tint, now on sale at P420 (limited time only) “The way the eyebrow pen is designed allows me to draw hair strands making my eyebrows look more natural. I’ve been seeing this product a lot on social media so I really wanted to try it out for myself. It’s made my makeup routine so much quicker and it looks so natural.” – Celine A.

Happy Skin Kissproof Lip & Cheek Tint in Honeymoon Glow, P399 “Upon first use, the milky consistency surprised me, and I thought the tint wouldn’t be buildable and would fade so fast. I was wrong! I could dot it on for subtle color or swipe it full-on for a more opaque color. It’s also super long-lasting and surprisingly doesn’t transfer! The Honeymoon Glow shade also makes this a winner - it’s universal and flattering with just the right hint of pink.” – Joanna T.

“Who needs a full kikay kit when you have this? Blush and lippie all in one, this is all I need to survive the day. It’s true what it claims too, this color is perfect for all morenas.” – Ina J.

Colourette Colourtint Matte, P249 [SHADE: Naomi and Dione] “I use this oil-type tint on my cheeks and they last all day! I’ve tried numerous blushes and nothing has compared to the staying power of this. It’s super affordable and a little goes a long way.” – Patty G.

Snail White Whipp Soap, P295 “I haven’t used a foaming or bubbling facial soap in a while (when I started using Cetaphil and that really doesn’t sud up). I tried this for the hype and I felt like it really cleans my skin when I wash it. It does leave the skin feeling a little tight after the shower but that goes away almost immediately. After weeks of use, I also felt like my skin brightened (not whitened) looking sort of glowy too.” – Bea M.

“I remember when this first came out, everyone was raving about it so I decided to try it for myself. I was pleasantly surprised that the Whipp Soap lived up to its hype. It leaves your skin squeaky clean, has a really lovely scent, and lasts for a long time (I’ve had mine since September and still haven’t finished it). The lathering also has plus points as it makes the experience so luxurious!” – Reg E.

“This product just launched a few months ago here in the Philippines and it went out of stock so fast! It lives up to it’s hype as it gently cleanses my face!” – Jaye D.

Happy Skin Perfect Brows Long-Lasting Liquid Pen, P399 “This brow pen is absolutely perfect for me! The only problem would be that I wish it was cheaper, haha! Even so, the price point is pretty good, and I think it can give the effect of either really natural or really strong brows, since the formula is buildable (especially with the lighter shade that it comes in). The pen is super precise, and the formula is probably the longest lasting brow pen that I’ve tried! I would even argue that it’s way better than the cult-fave K-Palette brow pen!” – Sabby R.

BLK Cosmetics Travels Set, P1,047 “BLK launched this just recently and I love it! It has 6 lipsticks from the collection - all with AMAZING shades! Perfect as Christmas gifts - or just to yourself!” – Lianne S.

Carenel Berry Lip Sleeping Mask, now on sale P600 (limited time only) “I only discovered this product thanks to the Anniversary Sale and bought this on a whim! It looks like the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask but was so affordable, I couldn’t help but be curious. I’ve been wearing lipstick more often lately and was looking for something that could give my lips the extra care and hydration it needs once the lipstick comes off. This really helps maintain the natural color on my lips and leave them moisturized. By morning, my lips are smooth and prepped for applying on my lippies once again.” – Claire C.

“Super love this product! I’ve beent aking care of my lips lately and it does wonders in keeping my chappy lips hydrated the day after (my lips are so smooth now). Plus, it’s super cheap.” – Jackie C.

“Super effective! Ever since I started using this every night, I’ve had no problems with chapped or dry lips. It makes the lips so supple and soft upon application, and more so in the morning. Considering it’s a lip mask, it’s actually lightweight and not SUPER thick and sticky.” – Joanna T.

This product is available in 23g and 5g.

V&M Naturals Silk Serum Foundation, P850 “Super quick, easy, skin-finish foundation! I love it because it’s also a serum and leaves my skin feeling so soft, and it’s literally undetectable! Despite that, it still provides the coverage that I need. Such a unique find!” – Sabby R.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, P350 [SHADE: Wine Stock] “I know this product has been around forever but it wasn’t until this year that I finally tried it. It’s the perfect deep, burgundy-almost-black color! I love using this when I have short nails, it makes the hand look alive, if that makes sense. It also takes a couple weeks to chip with a good top coat (I use seche vite).” – Bea M.

Innisfree Volcanic Color Clay Mask, now on sale at P450 (limited time only) “I was looking for a good clay mask that isn’t as intense as the Aztec one, so I decided to try out the Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask and it honestly didn’t disappoint! There are different formulations that address your specific skin concerns and I really enjoyed putting different colors on different parts of my face. It’s milder than the Aztec clay mask which is great for people with sensitive skin like me!” – Trish R.

Bonny Hill Coconut Moisturizing Mask, now on sale at P49 (limited time only) “I’m an absolute sucker for anything coconut-scented, so this mask always feels like such a treat. For the price point, it goes above and beyond in results: the sheet is soft and thick and generously drenched in that delicious tropical vacation-smelling essence, it doesn’t sting, and it works like magic in hydrating, brightening, plumping, and evening out my skin. This brand needs to be on more people’s radar!” – Marla M.

Scinic Coco Nut Lip & Eye Makeup Remover, P290 “Absolutely love the coconut scent of this makeup remover! Effortlessly gets rid of any trace of makeup on my face, especially those tough waterproof mascaras and liquid lippies” – Nisee L.

Dear Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask, P160 “I was so sad when they phased out the original Klairs mask…so when they finally released this new and improved version, I was the first in line to try and it did not disappoint! It delivers that signature Klairs fresh and dewy glow after every use, I love it!” – Ina J.

“I was never a big believer of sheet masks, until I got to try this one. As its name suggests, it really SOOTHES the skin. After I use this, signs of redness are gone, blemishes start to calm down, and dry patches go away. This is my favorite quick fix for stressed skin! I keep some in stock for after flights, beach trips, or sleepless nights.” – Joanna T.

CoverGirl 3-in-1 Liquid Foundation, now on sale at P629 (limited time only) “Just started using this because my mom bought it, and it’s so nice. It’s like a BB cream with more coverage. Really really nice on the skin. Not as long-wearing, but it keeps my skin hydrated the whole day!” – Frankie C.

Benefit BADgal BANG Mascara, P1,500 “BANG indeed! I always get asked if I got eyelash extensions whenever I use this mascara. Really wins the game in terms of volume, plus it lasts the entire day without smudging or transferring.” – Joanna T.

Rorec Blueberry Mask, now on sale at P29 (limited time only) “I’m not a huge fan of blueberry as food and I had no idea that its extract is beneficial for the skin, but I’m happy to have discovered this through a BMNL sale. Now, I use this mask as a feel-good treat after a rough day and it really is rewarding: it brightens my skin and makes me look fresh and well-rested—plus, it smells really good, too!” – Maia M.

J.One Jelly Pack, P1,550 “This is my favorite product to use when I’m rushing. It combines two steps (primer and moisturiser) and leaves your skin so moisturized and plump. This is my foundation’s best friend!” – Erika G.

This product is available in 50ml and 30ml.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Topcoat, P400 “I really like getting my nails painted, but the polish usually chips within a few days. This really helps seal the color in, plus keeps it looking fresh for two weeks, or if I’m lucky, more!” – Dani C.

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