We are proud to present the third BeautyMNL Awards: a twelve-part event that celebrates this fabulous year in beauty and wellness. After comprehensive discussion—and a whole lot of road-testing—the girls at the BeautyMNL office have listed the Best Products of 2018.
In the eighth installment of our 2018 BeautyMNL Awards, we’re focusing on products that promote self-care. The term “self care” can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s about slathering on a muscle-relaxing cream after a grueling workout. Others prefer basking in the pink glow of a Himalayan salt lamp, a cup of tea in hand. The rest just enjoy the privilege of a good night’s sleep.

Suffice it to say, there are many ways to show yourself some much-needed TLC. But, when it all comes down to it, self-care is simply taking a pause from the moment’s worries to fortify our physical, emotional, and mental health. After a long, long year, these were the Best Self-Care Products that helped the BeautyMNL staffers through it. Check ‘em out!

Bomb Cosmetics Peach Bellini Piped Candle, P749
“This candle smells so light yet relaxing—not to mention, it comes in the cutest packaging!” – Joanna T.

Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste (100g), P295
“When Dentiste’ made a claim that this toothpaste prevents morning breath, boy, they were not wrong! Every time I use this, I wake up with no sour taste in my mouth. Yay!” – Nisee L.

The Dentiste’ Nighttime Toothpaste is available in 20g, 60g, and 160g variants, too.

HIMA Himalayan Salt Lamp (3-5kg), P1,550
“I’ve been using mine for a long time, and I still can’t tell you 100% that its health claims are true. What I will say though is that it’s an excellent vehicle for essential oils, its warm glow helps me combat eye strain, and it’s just such a lovely decorative piece that puts me in a good mood every time I see it. Who doesn’t love pink?” – Ayana T.

“Besides being a gorgeous accessory to any room, it’s a lovely lamp that helps me feel relaxed. I keep it beside my bed at home specifically because of that, and I’ve noticed that it keeps my mind and body in a perpetual calm state. What’s more, it helps purify the surrounding air to keep dust allergens away! A major plus for people who struggle with rhinitis like me.” – Claire C.

The HIMA Himalayan Salt Lamp is available in 2-3kg, 5-7kg, and 7-9kg variants, too.

Kimochi Aroma Medium Herbal Pillow (6x8 Inches), P370
“I love putting this over my shoulders when I’m super stressed, or I lie on it on my lower back to ease tension or lower back pain from sitting too long at the office or in traffic. Such a quick and easy way to ease tense muscles and de-stress!” – Joanna T.

The Kimochi Aroma Herbal Pillow is available in a Large (6x17.5 Inches) variant, too.

Lucas Living Oils Headache Relief Roll-On, P200
“This has become a bag staple for me. I suffer from migraines from time to time and I try not to rely too much on medicine. Just placing it on my temples and nape already gives me some relief. Also, inhaling the scent really helps relieve some headache pain. It’s also a great stress-reliever and I find that smelling this calms be down when I’m a bit anxious. Aside from that, if you’re suffering from a stuffy nose, this can also help clear your sinuses.” – Kat E.

Milea Essential Oils in Lavender (30ml) and Peppermint (30ml), P545 and P325, respectively
“I wanted to give essential oils a try this year but wasn’t ready to spend as much, so I’m glad I found Milea’s essential oils. These have the best value for money, and they work just as well as their more expensive counterparts. I personally love putting a few drops of the lavender and/or peppermint oils on the shower floor before taking a hot bath. It infuses my whole bathroom with the most relaxing scent!” – Patty G.

The Milea Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils are available in 100ml variants here and here, too.

Modern Rituals by HIMA Amethyst Facial Roller, P1,750
“I absolutely love my amethyst roller! It’s the main reason why I look forward to my nighttime skincare routine because it just makes me feel so relaxed before going to bed. Apart from using it with my creams, it’s also my secret tool to de-puff my eyes after crying my eyes out from watching sappy movies (Shhhh!). Just need to plop it in the fridge for a few minutes and voilà! Bye-bye puffy eyes.” – Trish R.

Modern Rituals by HIMA Jade Facial Roller, P1,150
“This product is now an essential part of my nightly skin routine. I find that the products seep into my skin much better whenever I spend around 2 to 3 minutes of rolling time to cap it all off. I also noticed that whenever I use the roller the night before, my face looks more rested. I love it so much, I bought my mom her very own roller!” – Frankie C.

“If I feel like I need an extra pampering step in my skincare routine, I use my jade roller. I love it because it’s a nice at-home facial massage. There’s actually so much benefits when you massage your face which will leave you looking fresh. I like using it with a sheet mask to really let the essence on the sheet mask sink in my skin. I think the extra step is really worth it and I think it also just helps calm me down. I never knew I needed a jade roller until I tried it and now I can’t even imagine my skincare routine without it.” – Kat E.

Modern Rituals by HIMA Jade Roller Deluxe, P1,450
“Jade Rollers are so in right now and this one doesn’t disappoint. It feels good on my skin, and the action of rolling it over my face relaxes me as well.” – Lianne S.

Modern Rituals by HIMA Rose Quartz Facial Roller, P1,550
“I’ve seen a number of bloggers include this in their skincare routine, and swear by it’s ability to brighten skin, decrease puffiness, and increase the absorption of skincare products. I got one for myself as a treat, and use it whenever I feel like pampering myself after a long day. I apply a moisturizer or put on a sheet mask first before massaging my face with the roller. True enough, my skin feels firmer and looks brighter after.” – Carli D.

Oscar Mejia Artisan Fragrances Himbing Sleep Enhancing Spray, P300
“Best room spray ever! The wonderful olive and lavender scent is super relaxing and puts me in a good mood right away. I always look forward to spraying this all over my sheets after a long day at work, and am stocking up so I can give them as gifts this Christmas.” – Marla M.

Pili Breathe Easy Essential Oil (10ml), P340
“As someone who’s perpetually sick and stressed, this little bottle is heaven-sent. From a clogged nose to a massive headache, this essential oil gives me instant relief. It’s so handy, I never leave my house without this!” – Jem C.

Pure Bliss Lavender Essential Oil (18ml), P275
“It’s usually hard for me to fall asleep at night, especially when I’m stressed. All I do is add a few drops of this to my diffuser and my room instantly smells like serenity. This helps me find my inner peace and wind down as I tuck myself into bed. Definitely a must-have whenever you’ve had a long day or if you just want to give yourself a little pampering.” – Rimina P.

Pure Bliss Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser with Oil Trio Bundle, P2,997
“After a long day at work, I turn this on and apply my favorite peppermint oil. Without fail, I instantly feel very relaxed and calm.” – Jaye D.

Sekaya After Meal Treat (25g), P400
“I love following a heavy or greasy meal at home with a cup of this tea. I’ve noticed that it really calms my stomach and settles everything smoothly, all while leaving my mouth with a nice minty taste.” – Claire C.

Spoiled by Oils Sleep and Sloth (250ml), P350
“This smells like a massage in a bottle! It really reminds me of those expensive, hotel-priced massages that you get once a year to treat yourself. It instantly relaxes me!” – Bea M.

The Spoiled by Oils Sleep and Sloth is available in 100ml and 50ml variants, too.

Simoy ng Haraya Trono, P199
“I was so delighted when I found out this was already available on BeautyMNL. It’s one of my best-kept secrets! I never have to feel conscious about leaving a smelly trace after doing my business in the restroom. Just a few drops of this in the bowl and it quickly fills up the room with its citrus scent. All bathrooms should have one of these!” – Kathy A.

YogaLove Healing Cream Pump Bottle, P550
“I am in LOVE with this healing cream. It makes me feel calm, thanks to its mild chamomile scent and the cooling sensation. It’s actually become a ritual for me to massage my sore muscles with this cream post-workout!” – Angie G.

“I really love the calming properties of this cream. It’s overall minty feeling and smell never fails to relieve stress or headaches.” – Celine A.

“The best pick-me-up cream when you’re stressed, tired, or just having body aches. It smells really nice and is really effective in relieving any tension and aches.” – Frankie C.

“It’s like a casual Salonpas. Gives me that nice minty feeling and relaxes my muscles, but isn’t too strong.” – Mikah M.

“A little goes a long way with this. Not just for yogis, but for anyone who’s ever felt the need to relax mid-day.” – Pam C.

“I dare say that this is my most life-changing BeautyMNL product of 2018! I’ve tried so many menthol oils, balms, and creams, and nothing compares to this! The cooling sensation lasts for hours, even after a sweat session. This is a must for every tita or tita-in-training!” – Patty G.

The Yoga Love Healing Cream is available in 100g and 200g variants, too.

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