We are proud to present the third BeautyMNL Awards: a twelve-part event that celebrates this fabulous year in beauty and wellness. After comprehensive discussion—and a whole lot of road-testing—the girls at the BeautyMNL office have listed the Best Products of 2018.
In the fourth installment of our 2018 BeautyMNL Awards, we’re talking all manner of eco-friendly products. In the fight against climate change, these products are certain to make a small yet positive impact on the world around us. After all, every step makes a difference.

Want to join in the movement? To help you get a head start, we put together a list of the Best Eco-Friendly Products—from single-plastic alternatives to reusable totes and personal care items. It’s never been so easy to go green!

Anytime Menstrual Cup Menstrual Cup (Size 1), P700
“Glad I made the switch! This needs practice to get used to, but the pay-off is really sweet: lessening waste by not using pads anymore, 12 hours of not needing to change, no wet feeling. When used correctly, you won’t feel it’s there at all.” – Dana R.

Anytime Menstrual Cup Menstrual Cup PLUS (Size 1), P875
“Really a LIFE-CHANGING PRODUCT! Not only does it save you money in the long run, but it really makes you feel like you’re not on your period. You can do CrossFit, yoga, whatever, and not have to worry about any leaks. It’s pretty crazy. 100 votes!!!” – Frankie C.

Contigo West Loop (16oz.), P1,800
“Since watching the documentary ‘A Plastic Ocean,’ I always feel guilty when I need to buy bottled water because of the environmental damage one small bottle can cause. This stainless steel reusable tumbler is definitely pricey, but 100% worth the splurge: it’s sturdy, leak-proof, spill-proof, BPA-free, keeps beverages hot or cold for a LONG time, easy to clean, and makes a bigger impact on saving the planet than you’d think.” – Marla M.

The Contigo West Loop is available in a 20oz. variant, too.

Dos Marias Tita Canvas Ecobag, P220
“I love this eco tote so much! Apart from how the design fits my personality, I didn’t expect how spacious it is. The size is just right and it can fit a lot of my daily essentials. It’s also pretty sturdy considering that I sometimes fill it up with bulky things like my laptop, wallet, power bank, and chargers.” – Kathy A.

“An eco bag that I actually enjoy using! I love the shape of this—it’s easier to grab stuff inside because of the bag’s wide mouth. Details like the wide base and inner pocket make this so convenient to use!” – Patty G.

Kool Foldable Bottle (500ml), P599
“This bottle is super cute and easy to bring around. I love how it can be adjusted since I’ve always wanted a water bottle that can fit my smaller bags.” – Celine A.

“Super cute and handy! Kool stays true to its word when it says it’s spill-proof.” – Mikah M.

Leiania House of Beauty Healthy Locks Shampoo Bar, P220
“Shampoo bars normally leave my hair dry and coarse, but not this one! It lathers like a normal shampoo and actually leaves my hair soft to the touch. Plus, I don’t have the guilt of harming the environment because of the packaging.” – Joanna T.

Nathan Bigshot Hydration Bottle, P999
“Super cute sports bottle you can bring around in the gym, school, or office! You can either drink from the big lid or small spout, and it comes in different colors.” – Bea C.

Sac MNL Liwa Mesh Long Handle Cotton Bag in Old Rose, P299
“I love this bag so much! It’s so handy and it can surprisingly carry a LOT of stuff. This is perfect for last-minute grocery trips and shopping sprees. Plus, the color is super cute!” – Jem C.

Sac MNL Liwa Mesh Long Handle Cotton Bag in Wheat, P299
“I usually have this with me when I go out and I know I’m gonna shop—it’s convenient, light, and extremely easy to bring. It looks quite small, but it can actually carry quite a lot of stuff—plus it’s cute, too!” – Maia M.

Sip PH Buddy Plain, P200
“I always carry this with me! Recently, I also received chopsticks as pasalubong from my friend and I keep them in the same pouch, just in case I’ll need it when I’m on the go. It’s very compact and convenient. I like knowing I have the option to forgo plastic counterparts because it fits in my bag perfectly.” – Claire C.

“Opting for a reusable straw that’s so easy to clean is probably one of the most low-effort but high-impact things that anyone can do to save the environment. I feel assured knowing that it’s food-grade stainless steel so I don’t have to worry about rusting. It’s so easy to bring around and clean as well. This is the perfect gift for my family, my friends, myself, and our planet!” – Rimina P.

Sip PH Buddy Rainbow, P280
“Best for gifts! I have one and it’s super lightweight. It also feels nice to know that in every time you use this is a less plastic straw.” – Charmaine L.

Sip PH Buddy Rose Gold, P280
“It’s perfect because you have a straw for regular drinks, as well as for drinks that have pearls in them! The rose gold color also looks very sophisticated.” – Lianne S.

“Always fun to join the fight against plastic while looking good doing it with these pretty, rose-gold colored steel straws. Easy to clean, convenient to bring around and lightweight, this is perfect for the yuppie on the go.” – Pam C.

Sip PH Burrito Black, P600
“Super love this product! I have been using it for my everyday use and it’s super convenient to bring around. Now, I don’t have to request for plastic utensils whenever I eat my baon or get takeout.” – Jackie C.

Sip PH Burrito Plain, P550
“Picked this up on sale in an effort to be more mindful of my plastic use, and it’s definitely helped me form better habits. So handy!” – Ayana T.

Sip PH Burrito Rose Gold, P600
“This is a must-have for anyone who wants to more eco-friendly. The burrito wrap makes it convenient to bring anywhere!” – Angie G.

“This is a great start to a more eco-friendly lifestyle! I carry it with me almost all the time, especially when I know I’m getting takeout.” – Trish R.

“I felt very lucky stumbling upon this good local find while browsing one of BeautyMNL’s eco-friendly timed flash sales. I especially like the quality of the metal straw that the surrounding metal was not too thin nor was it too thick. I also found it handy that the straw (along with its cleaning brush) came inside a pouch because this made it easy to find the metal straw in my bag whenever I go out for iced coffee.” – Reg E.

Sip PH Rookie Rose Gold, P170
“I love the color of this straw a lot. But, more importantly, It’s also a great alternative to plastic straws.” – Jaye D.

TRVLR Premium Steel Straw Set, P350
“What better way to make a mark on our planet than going eco-friendly! This great metal straw allows me to contribute to the preservation of our planet by reducing my use of plastic. I love how there are different colors to choose from too!” – Nisee L.

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