By now, it’s common practice to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen every single day. It doesn’t matter if you’re holed up indoors, or technically far away from the sun’s direct beams. The truth is: any exposure to UV rays can harm your skin. It contributes to sun spots and burns, loss in collagen and elasticity, and eventually fine lines and wrinkles, too. Consider SPF a life-long investment. There’s nothing that protects you quite like it.
But that’s not the end of it. In fact, the protection you wear on your face every morning could be double if you add one more thing to your morning regimen: a Vitamin C serum.


Quick refresher: Vitamin C is one of the most powerful topical antioxidants you can easily get your hands on. Many have waxed poetic thanks to its plethora of benefits, like brightening your overall complexion, fading dark spots, firming skin, and neutralizing environmental aggressors, a.k.a. skin irritants found in our everyday environment. Think along the lines of air pollution, cigarette smoke, and yes, ultraviolet rays.
You might have heard of free radical damage. This stems from the exposure to those environmental skin irritants and attacks healthy cells, damages their growth, and changes their structure in the body, causing premature signs of aging. That’s where Vitamin C comes in. It helps fight against the unstable atoms attacking your skin (free radicals) and acts as an extra layer of protection.


Now, slip that glorious Vitamin C serum into a routine with SPF and you get double the benefits. According to this study, sunscreen is said to only block out 55% of free radicals produced by UV exposure. It placed an emphasis on pairing sunscreen with a topical antioxidant to effectively reduce UV ray damage and sunburn formation. Not to mention, Vitamin C tends to leave your skin feeling sensitized, so following it with sun protection is always necessary.


As for layering them in your daily skincare regimen, we asked Bianca from the BeautyMNL office to show you how she applied the concept through her skincare routine. Using Miju Glow’s Vitamin C Serum (35ml), a lightweight and gentle formula, watch the video to catch all the details. (Plus, some skincare tips to get your skin dewy and absolutely glowing.)
If you would like to give this a try, you can shop the Vitamin C Serum (35ml) for only P114 (limited time only) a bottle. You can also discover more Miju Glow essentials right here.

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