From her early days as an It-girl to her current standing as the Princess of All Media, Anne Curtis has always been the Pinay peg. In this BeautyMNL exclusive, the face of Listerine is teaching us girls how to stay healthy, happy, and beautiful—just like a superstar.
What’s your no-fail battle plan on bad skin days?
ANNE: “Let your skin breathe, sleep, and hydrate!”

If you could only restock one product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
ANNE: “Lipstick.”

Long hair or short hair: which look has been more fun?
ANNE: “Short! Super easy to fix!”

Name one thing people tend to overlook about their appearance that makes a huge impact.
ANNE: “Their smile! Having nice white teeth helps maintain that smile I like to keep on my face to spread happiness and positivity! That’s why I’m never without Listerine Healthy White at home.”

What’s the secret to looking artista-fresh?
ANNE: “Staying happy and not letting the small things stress me!”

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