We’re calling it: 2020 will be the year of facial oils. And we’re not talking about pure single oils, like marula and argan, which have had their time in the skincare spotlight. This year, multi-oil blends are what we’re keeping an eye out for. It’s all about synergy. The combination of oils should produce greater effectivity than its individual ingredients—and not all formulas get this quite right. Luckily, the Pili Ani Ageless Concentrate does it flawlessly. Made of native Filipino ingredients, this silky olive elixir proves you don’t need to go to foreign, exotic places to find potent ingredients.

Here’s why you should be taking note of this aging antidote!


Hailing from the province of Bicol, Philippines, this formula combines two rare botanical oils found in the region: Pili and Elemi. They’re sourced from the trees of the same Canarium species. However, Pili oil is extracted from the nuts that grow from its tree, while Elemi is extracted from resin found in the bark.

The difference in their origins may seem small and it’s probably why they work so well together. But it’s this slight but crucial difference that gives each ingredient its own distinct benefits.


Combined, pili oil and elemi oil create a mighty anti-aging concoction. Each ingredient contributes its own set of nutrients and helps remedy various signs of skin damage. For example, Pili oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. They protect the skin from external pollutants, free radicals, and plump up the complexion from within, so your skin remains resistant to damage caused by environmental exposure. (And considering our country’s often harsh, tropical conditions, this kind of protection is a must!) Elemi oil, on the other hand, contains natural anti-bacterial and skin-firming properties. In fact, according to Forbes, this particular oil is used by a famous French luxury beauty brand as the active ingredient in their lifting creams and serums. So, if sagging skin and wrinkles are your top skin concerns, this ingredient belongs in your routine.


1. People with mature or dry skin. This facial oil helps the skin build moisture and elasticity, bringing structure and resilience back to parched complexions. The more hydrated your skin stays, the more resistant it becomes to aging.

2. People who are looking for natural retinol alternatives. With its skin-lifting properties and ability to smoothen out creases, it delivers similar benefits to harsher anti-aging ingredients like retinol.

3. People who spend ample amounts of time outdoors. Whether you’re a beach bum, gardening enthusiast, or frequent flyer, your skin likely takes the brunt of constant environmental exposure. Make this oil your final line of defense!

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