For all the folks who have it, curly hair is both a blessing and a curse. On good days, we’re showing off a cascade of flirty waves that bounce with our every move. But on bad days, we’re battling a dry and frizzy mess that just can’t be tamed. #CurlyHairProblems
Needless to say, curls require a lot of maintenance. So what’s the secret to maintaining their lustrous lioness glory? Here are 8 dos and don’ts to start with! Abide by them, and you’ll have a covet-worthy curly mane, not a hot mess.

1. DO get regular trims.
Nothing ruins curls like split ends! These consistently make your hair look frizzy, feel brittle, and exhibit bulk. Keep your strands healthy with regular trims, ideally once every 6 to 8 weeks. This will remove any roughness near the ends and prevent any damage from travelling further up the hair shaft.

2. DON’T dehydrate your curls with too much shampoo.
Ever heard of the “no ‘poo” trend? Don’t go thinking weird thoughts, now: that’s short for no shampoo. This hair care craze trades shampooing for conditioner-washing (or “co-washing”), which entails bathing your hair using only a cleansing conditioner. Why? Most shampoos contain sulfates and other chemicals that are extra drying on curls. Yikes!
We know, we know, cutting out shampoo altogether is a bit of a stretch. To compensate, hair savants suggest washing your curls every few days only with a sulfate-free formula (like the Aloe Shampoo by Be Organic). Limit the product application to your roots to avoid dehydrating your strands, and massage the scalp to slough off any impurities. Follow this with a nourishing conditioner, and you’ll wind up with softer, cleaner, more hydrated curls.

3. DO use a deep-conditioning treatment once a week.
The biggest beauty secret of girls with healthy curls is maximum moisture, since this hair type is prone to dryness. To ensure your tresses stay silky and bouncy, use a deep-conditioning hair mask at least once a week. Try Cynos’ Argan Oil Ultra Hydrating Mask or TRESemmé’s Keratin Smooth Treatment Mask to hydrate your locks from the inside out.

4. DON’T towel-dry your hair.
Apparently, traditional towels are a massive no-no! Most towels are made of rough terrycloth material that pulls at your strands and spurs serious breakage. In fact, rubbing your hair with anything actually creates frizz! Trade your regular towel for an old, soft cotton shirt, gently patting your curls and squeezing out excess water. Or simply let your locks air-dry on their own!

5. DO use the right products to define your curls.
We’ve already told you about “plopping”, but another effective way to keep your curls from falling flat is “scrunching”. Scrunching basically means gathering sections of your hair in your fists and squeezing several times. This will push your curls into their proper shape. The end result: fuller, neater, more deliberate curls.
For extra oomph, you may also apply a curl-defining cream to your hair before scrunching. Try Cynos’ Argan Oil Bouncy Curl Cream and Bedhead’s Curls Rock Amplifier, which are designed specifically to create curves.

6. DON’T fry your hair with too much heat styling.
Step away from those irons, ladies! Once your hair experiences heat damage, it will never go back to its virgin texture. Taming your curls can be a hassle, but reaching for that blowdryer as a quick fix might just cause irreversible damage in the long run. So lock those styling tools away for special occasions—or, at the very least, apply this heat protectant by Toni & Guy as liberally as you can.

7. DO use a leave-in conditioner.
We already said it once, but we can’t stress it enough: it is super important to keep your curls moisturized 24/7. Give your hair some TLC by using leave-in conditioners such as Bedhead/TIGI’s Superstar or Goddess. This stuff works to strengthen your strands and keep the hydration locked in long after you’ve stepped out of the shower.

8. DON’T forget to love your curls!
Yes, working with a wonderfully wild mane can be a challenge—but you’ve just got to work what you’ve been blessed with! Your curls are a huge part of what makes you unique, so it’s hard not to love ‘em. And with the right attitude and proper care, they’ll love you right back. Ain’t that right, Ariana?

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