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A consistent skincare routine and nutritious diet do wonders for the complexion. But if you haven’t achieved that visible radiance just yet, consider integrating skin-brightening supplements into your daily regimen.

Your average formula is already packed with proteins and antioxidants, which eliminate toxins and free radicals, clean out your internal organs, and promote optimal cellular renewal. The result? Clear, smooth, and lighter skin, plus improved overall health. In other words, you look good on the outside and feel even better on the inside!

With literally hundreds of supplements on the market, selecting your first bottle may seem overwhelming. So, we’ve rounded up 6 of our top recos. Check them out, below!

1. Ishigaki Amino Classic White Amino Acid Blend + Vitamin C 850mg (60 Capsules), P1,200
In this bottle are generous doses of L-Glutamic acid and L-Cysteine, which not only promote a fairer complexion, but also detoxify your liver, promote brain and spine health, and fight the formation of cancer cells.

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2. Relumins Advance Nutrition Gluta 1000 – Reduced L-Glutathione Complex (60 Capsules), P990
Apart from glutathione, these vegetarian capsules are boosted with rosehip extract, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines and speeds up cellular healing. You also get hefty amounts of alpha lipoic acid, a powerful antioxidant that fights inflammation. Perfect for troubled, acne-prone skin!

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3. Opulence Nutrawhite L-Glutathione with NAC and Vitamin C, P1,399
For that pinkish-white glow, try this powerful, all-natural blend of skin-lightening agents. It contains vitamin E, which softens and plumps up the skin’s texture. It’s also powered with milk thistle extract, which boosts the immune system, fights chronic illness, and improves energy levels.

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4. Relumins Thio-Glow Chewable Dissolvable Glutathione Complex with Biotin, P2,540
These berry-licious chewables are about to be your all-around beauty BFF. They’re pumped with vitamin C and biotin, which stimulate collagen production and strengthen the skin, nails, and hair. They’re also enriched with grapeseed oil, one of nature’s best beauty tonics.

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5. Neocell Super Collagen+C (120 Tablets), now on sale at P1,500 (limited time only)
Collagen is everywhere—in your skin, ligaments, bones, muscles, teeth, blood vessels, and hair. This protein supplement replenishes any lacking collagen in your body, and promotes a youthful, wrinkle-free complexion. For those with mature skin, this is your next Holy Grail!

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6. Purewhite Radiance Capsules, P3,500
With summer coming to a close, you’d want to ease back into your natural skin tone. This restorative formula reverses the effects of solar damage, and prevents hyperpigmentation. It’s also infused with pomegranate and vitamin B3, which are jam-packed with brightening compounds. There’s no doubt about it—beauty is not just skin deep!

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