Call us biased, but we see 2017 as the year wellness went viral. Before, it was something familiar only to health nuts. Today, colorful smoothie bowls and gym selfies are regular fixtures on our Instagram feeds. That’s not to say wellness is a passing fad—not at all! On the contrary, clean living habits and self-care products are both timeless and smart (not to mention, super cool).

Whether you’re a long-time advocate or just curious about better lifestyle choices, here are the top 5 wellness trends that are making a splash.


While “superfood” is a familiar term by now, 2017 has seen the rise of the “super ingredient.” Super ingredients were named so for their ability to prettify, detoxify, pamper, and heal. Yes, they have beauty-boosting benefits, but these powerhouse edibles are also great remedies for a spate of health issues.

Take coconut oil, for example. Thanks to its rich, moisturizing properties, this tropical ingredient gets your skin glowing fast. On top of that, it’s also used to alleviate allergies, clear stuffy sinuses, and reduce bad breath. Oil-pulling mouthwash, anyone?


We’ll readily admit that snacks are just as important as skincare. The recent shift towards a healthier mindset has opened our hearts to smarter snacking choices. Just take a trip down the gluten-free aisle at the grocery, and soon, your cupboard shall runneth over.

Nowadays, people are munching on low-calorie options such as kale and kamote chips instead of shoestring potatoes. For sweet-tooths, popular snacks like almond butter and cocoa nibs abound. Nomnomnom!



Lots of folks are stocking up on functional supplements for an extra nutritional boost. These supplements address certain dietary gaps that might otherwise be difficult to include in meals on a regular basis.

Some examples to get you started! Collagen supplements are usually associated with supple skin, but they also strengthen the structure of bones. Thus, they’re ideal for people who are prone to inflammation in the joints. Now, if brittle and thinning hair is a recurring problem for you, reach for biotin (also known as Vitamin B7). Biotin supplements help restore the strength and shine of your strands. Even the Kardashians take them!



Detox through tea, or “teatoxes,” have become a celeb-fave on social media. Sipping a cup of these all-natural teas in the morning and evening can help cleanse the digestive system. This removes unwanted toxins from the body and leaves you refreshed and flat-bellied.

People who swear by teatoxification have experienced benefits such as increased energy levels and clearer skin. Certain detox teas can even aid in weight loss—as long as you pair them with a balanced diet and exercise, of course.



While the origins of aromatherapy can be traced back to ancient times, the way these fragrant oils are used has significantly evolved. What was once relegated to fancy spa massages has blossomed into a go-to infusion for various wellness products and practices. Thus, the term oilbolaryo.

Arometherapy oils now appear in muscle salves, room mists, portable air diffusers, bath and body care, and even bespoke sets. All you have to do is take a deep breath and inhale all that healing goodness. Goodbye stress, hello zen!


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