What household doesn’t have a tweezer or razor stashed away somewhere? We’re guessing it’s the handiness of these tools that made plucking and shaving the gateways to hair removal. But besides being the most convenient options, are they also the most efficient? Shaving is the painless route (once you get the hang of not nicking yourself), but it only trims the hair above the skin, leaving the root behind for regrowth. Plucking certainly removes the hair from its follicle—but you have to do it one strand at a time. Ouch!
A good wax, on the other hand, gives you speedy landscaping—and it pulls your unwanted hair out from the follicle, which helps thin whatever might grow back. Sure, the first time around, it’s not the most soothing experience, but that changes with time (trust us: some of the ladies on the BeautyMNL team fall asleep during a session!). Of course, the downside is you have to set an appointment, leave the safe cocoon of your own bathroom, and expose your hair growth to a total stranger…

…Or do you? In this day and age, any form of DIY is possible! To take your leg/armpit/bikini wax into your own hands, just follow these steps.


A layer of dead skin cells can hinder a thorough stripping, since unwanted hair may be trapped under it. Give a good scrub to the area you plan to wax to slough off this layer and expose all your hair for the taking.
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If you have it on hand, a numbing cream will help dull any painful sensations caused by the waxing. If you don’t have it on hand, you may prep your skin with a cooling solution just to get the skin nice and relaxed.
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Apply your waxing product to the skin, rub/press it over the area so the hairs adhere, then swiftly pull it off. Mega-stylist and beauty guru Rachel Zoe shares the following tip on TheZoeReport.com: “When pulling off the wax, hold skin taut and pull parallel and close to the body.” Strip off the wax towards you, rather than away from you.
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Back in the day, Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ La Vida Loca” video taught us that wax can be very (!) messy. If left with a sticky, gluey feeling, smooth it away with regular baby oil or lavender oil, which helps brings down redness.
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Applying an aftercare product to your skin post-cleanup is essential for preventing ingrown hairs, itching, and redness. And if all goes well, you’ll just have to use it once.
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Waxing photos: Wikihow.com, Ehow.com