As much as we love summer, the rising temps force us to tweak our daily makeup routines in order to keep our faces on. So before we raise a toast to endless sunny days, let’s not forget to pack on the primer. Find the right one for your skin and lifestyle, and makeup mishaps will be the least of your worries. Our personal recos, below!


TRY: Sparkle Cosmetiks Matte Invisible Pore Primer, P450

For oily girls, summer time often means losing the battle against shine. Well, not anymore! This mattifying primer makes sure of that. Made with an oil-free formula, this transparent fluid reduces shine and blurs the appearance of large pores. It promises an impressive 12 hours of wear, so you don’t have to worry about touching up.


TRY: The Ordinary High-Spreadability Fluid Primer, P750

Hate the thought of having to add another product over your skin? Try this featherlight formula. It’s so weightless, you won’t even feel like you have anything on! Loved for its serum-like consistency, it prevents pigment from bunching up unevenly around the eyes and over dry patches. In other words, it’s your one-way ticket to smooth, light-as-air makeup that lasts.

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TRY: SFR Color All Day HD Smoothing Face Primer, now on sale at P289 (limited time only)

We all know this feeling: you spend the entire morning perfecting your makeup, but as soon as you step out, it’s Smudge City. That is, until this makeup-gripping blend came along! Made with a flexible gel formula, it keeps makeup intact and looking fresh for hours. On top of that, it also fills in texture to create a silky, closeup-ready finish. #Slay

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TRY: 727 Cosmetics Japan Sept Deux Sept UV Base Cream, now on sale at P1,440 (limited time only)

Sunscreen is a must any time of the year, but if you can get away without the added layer, by all means, right? This SPF-infused primer is a great solution. It gives you the double benefit of setting your makeup and providing UV protection. Plus, it leaves a velvety, shine-free finish that does wonders for oily skin.

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TRY: W7 Prime Magic Anti-Redness Primer, now on sale at P300 (limited time only)

A rosy flush is one thing, but red, sun-exposed skin is anything but flattering. If the weather’s got you looking like a lobser, try this green-tinted base. It’s semi-sheer pigment instantly neutralizes red tones to create a more even-toned complexion. Trust us—it makes the world of a difference on ruddy skin.

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So, which primer will you be using this summer?