So you want to ~magic~ your pesky zits away, but your skin’s too sensitive for most astringents? Well, you’re in luck! Witch hazel is not only a super gentle skin healer, it’s also all-natural. That’s right: Mother Nature herself produced this stuff, and it’s even effective straight from the shrub. Heard of Beauty Bakery yet? Well, you’re about to. This local brand’s suite of witch hazel products gets as close to the real deal as possible. In fact, their 4-step witch hazel routine will have you poreless, glowing, and acne-free in record time. We tried it ourselves, and it’s witchcraft, we tell you!


USE: Witch Hazel + Tea Tree Gentle Facial Wash, now on sale at P199 (limited time only)

Witch hazel and tea tree are a power couple when it comes to cleansing. They both contain purifying antioxidants that get rid of acne-causing grime without stripping your skin dry. This facial wash combines the two in a formula that’s gentle enough for daily use. Have at it!

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USE: Witch Hazel + Tea Tree Antioxidant Facial Cream (50g), now on sale at P259 (limited time only)

If you want to up your skin’s moisture barrier game, don’t just reach for any ol’ moisturizer. Go for an antioxidant-rich cream, like this one, that will act as a shield against pollutants. Not only that, but its witch hazel and tea tree combo also brightens the face while healing acne scars.

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USE: Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist (100ml), now on sale at P249 (limited time only)

To keep your skin looking (and feeling!) fresh throughout the day, don’t forget to mist. This mildly scented facial spray will plump up your pelt while steadily refining its tone and texture. It also works as a dewy setting spray and a clarifying toner. Insta-glow!

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USE: Witch Hazel Clarifying Facial Scrub, now on sale at P189 (limited time only)

Face feeling extra gritty? That’s a sign that it’s in desperate need of a good scrub down. This exfoliator will remove deep-seated dirt, oil, and dry patches, while giving troubled skin a radiant boost. To reap its full pore-cleaning benefits, use it three times a week.

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This 4-step routine will grant you a poreless, glowing, and acne-free skin in no time.

Photos by Kathy Austria.

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