No matter how many innovative tools we try, we tend to reach for the same brushes and sponges, again and again. Call it proof that you don’t need a fully-stocked kit to look your fresh-faced best! In fact, a lot of us have neither the time nor the counter space to invest in an arsenal. Which begs this question: exactly how many makeup tools do you really need?

To answer this Big Beauty Question, we’ve rounded up 4 basics that ensure you put your best face forward. All by PRO Studio and under P300!


TRY: Egg-Shaped Pro-Blend Sponge, P170

The sponge blender is a tool that will do almost anything you ask it to. Applying full-coverage foundation? Use the chubby bottom. Buffing in BB cream? Use the broad sides. Spot-correcting with concealer? Use the pointy tip! Basically, it’s three tools in one and covers everything from wide patches of skin to tight little corners.

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TRY: Silver Loose Powder Brush, P239

If you use blush, bronzer, or translucent powder, make friends with a big fluffy brush. The bristles of this brush are loosely packed by design, so pigments are deposited over your skin with a gentle swirl. What’s more, a fluffy brush gives you control over the amount of product you pick up. You’ll never have to worry about wastage or applying too much.

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TRY: Extra Drama Studio Curler, P299

For us, there’s no other tool that singlehandedly changes your face like a lash curler. Try to get over your fear of The Pinch, because a great curler does more than make your fringe look good. Whenever you curl your lashes, they draw your eye shape up and out. As a result, your eyes look larger, brighter, and more lifted, and you look fresher than you did pre-curl. Do it right and you won’t even need mascara to see a difference.

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TRY: Duo Eyebrow Brush, P240

This one’s kind of a cheat because you’re really getting two brow tools in one. Suffice it to say that you definitely want a dual-ended wand on-hand if you travel a lot or do your brows in transit. On one end, you get a small, angled brush to apply brow gel or pomade with. On the other end, you get a spoolie to blend out the product and brush your strands in place. Say it with us: kilay is life!

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Once you rack up these four tools—or at least, similar ones—you won’t need much else. Swear!