Having oily skin can feel like a pimply predicament, especially since all that excess sebum—along with dirt and dead skin cells—can clog your pores and trigger a nasty breakout. Chances are, you’ve tried squashing your spots (a big no-no!) or fallen trap to over-washing your face. The last thing you should do is try to strip your skin of moisture, especially when oily skin types are said to experience signs of aging at a slower pace. You’ve got natural hydration bursting from your skin—you just have to learn how to give it the right kind of love! It’s impossible to change up your skin type, so opt for a simple routine that’s tailored to unclog your pores, effectively control sebum production, and mattify your complexion. Don’t know how to get started? Try using the yummy, deliciously sweet formulas of Beauty Bakery. They offer long-lasting anti-acne solutions that are perfect for oily skin! Since they use only all-natural ingredients, you can bet that their formulas are safe, gentle, and nourishing.

We’ve lined up 3 bestselling products that will help you create a sustainable skincare routine, and banish those bumps, blackheads, and blemishes! Check out the how-to, below!


TRY: Charcoal + Clay Scrub Mask, now on sale at P189 (limited time only)

It doesn’t matter how many products you use—your skin will not reap their benefits if your pores are chockfull of excess sebum and deep-seated dirt. Start with a Charcoal + Clay Scrub Mask. With the help of activated charcoal, crushed apricot and olive seeds, you’ll exfoliate dirt, bacteria, and other pimple-prompting debris. Simply massage onto damp skin, and then rinse with lukewarm water. You’ll be prepped and ready for the next step!

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TRY: Anti-Acne Mild Astringent, P189

Now that you’ve successfully sloughed away any grime, the next step is to nourish newly surfaced skin cells and heal any underlying damage. This Anti-Acne Mild Astringent is formulated with sugarcane extract, which helps clean minor wounds, brighten scars, and reduce inflammation.

Using a clean cotton pad, gently pat in the product. Fun fact: You can also use it to soothe body acne!

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TRY: Clarifying Witch Hazel Facial Mist, P265

The biggest misconception when it comes to oily skin? You don’t need to moisturize. More often than not, your sebaceous glands switch to overdrive when it thinks it’s dehydrated. Cap off your routine with a Witch Hazel Facial Mist. Enriched with witch hazel water and tea tree extract, this easy-to-use elixir calms, hydrates, and balances the skin tone. It’s also boosted with vitamin C, ensuring that your skin stays strong and protected! It also has a refreshing lemon fragrance, so you’ll feel refreshed even on the hot, humid days!
Hold the bottle at half an arm’s length away, and then spritz evenly onto all sides of your face. It doubles as a makeup setting spray, and provides a dewy glow to any look.

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And there you have it! You no longer need to frantically blot away all that slick sheen. These 3 easy steps have proven that, once again, quality skincare brings out the best in your skin type.

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