A consistent workout routine and nutritious diet do wonders for the body. But if those few extra pounds are hanging on for all they’re worth, consider a fat-burning product to help shake them off.

Your average formula is already packed with thermogenic compounds, which increase the metabolism, reduce fat absorption, and help the body burn more fat. The result? A slimmer figure, plus improved overall health.
But with literally hundreds of fat burners on the market, selecting your first one may seem overwhelming. So, in order to help and not overwhelm, we’ve rounded up 3 of our top-rated recos. See them, below!

1. Roarganics BGC Weight Loss Blend Trial Size (180g), now on sale at P539 (limited time only)
WHY IT WORKS: This super-blend utilizes the power of barley grass power and green coffee extract. Barley grass powder reduces hunger and promotes feelings of fullness. Combined with green coffee extract, it increases the metabolism and prevents fat absorption—which may lead to weight loss over time. As a matter of fact, we have the proof right here! WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “I find the BGC Blend very effective. I was scared about getting hungry throughout the day, but surprisingly, I didn’t! When I try diets that require me to be on a caloric deficit, I usually feel groggy, dizzy, or weak, but I felt alert and strong on the BGC blend. I even managed to do some weightlifting and cardio. Overall, I was very impressed with the products, and I’ll be sure to restock once I’ve finished my first batch.”—Martin, 23
HOW TO TAKE IT: Mix one tbsp. in cold water. Take after eating 2 to 3 bananas. Repeat every two to three hours or when hungry.

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2. Herbs of the Earth L-Carnitine + Advanced Weight Loss (30 Capsules), P990
WHY IT WORKS: L-carnitine is a superstar when it comes to weight management, with the ability to increase energy and suppress a ravenous appetite. What’s more, L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid in the liver that helps boost fat burn, too. Which is precisely why it’s a must-have for endorphin junkies (since it complements your workout) and folks on the road to weight loss (since it speeds up the metabolism).

WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “I bought this for my dance class. Para “maka burn ng fats” daw. I think it really does the job. I have more energy during … class and [felt less sore … after working out. But I combined this with high protein diet with HIIT exercises to make it more effective since yung mga ganitong product is hindi naman magic itself … Overall, I love this … [It’s] pure and di mo na need uminom ng drinks with high sugar content just to get [L-carnitine] in your diet.”—Jasmine, 23
HOW TO TAKE IT: Take 1 to 3 capsules everyday. For best results, take it in between meals with a full glass of water.

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3. Ultra Green Coffee, P500
WHY IT WORKS: Aside from providing a jolt of energy, this sweet, greenish coffee also makes a great weight loss aid. It contains chlorogenic acid, which has been shown to promote weight loss and lower blood pressure. While all coffee contains chlorogenic acid, the compound is more easily metabolized from unroasted beans—A.K.A., green coffee. Paired with regular exercise, it can increase the potential for fat loss in as little as five days.

WHAT PEOPLE SAY: “I needed some help … shedding a few pounds I gained over the holidays, and this was among the products suggested to me. It effectively suppresses my appetite, so I eat less and I don’t give in to cravings. I drink this only once a day, 30 minutes before lunch. The effect stays even [until] dinnertime, so I don’t overeat. A week later, I think my face is less bloated and the love handles are gone. Of course, I recommend taking this with regular exercise, which I do everyday, and making better food choices, like avoiding junk, sugary, and starchy food if you want it to help you lose weight…”—Rina, 35
HOW TO TAKE IT: Pour the packet’s contents into a cup of hot water and mix until completely incorporated. Option: Add ice if you would prefer your green coffee cold.

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