The New Year is officially underway—and with it, of course, comes a new wellness forecast. The future looks bright for 2019, with trends that focus on full-body wellness and holistic health. From the reemergence of Aryuveda to sleep optimization, here are 5 health and wellness trends we’re most excited for. Just scroll!


Why take antibiotics when you can have adaptogens? Adaptogens—which are essentially just herbal medicine—are changing the world of vitamins and minerals as we know it. They can help us cope with 21st-century problems, like anxiety and exhaustion, and claim to prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer and asthma, among other ailments. Although not exactly new, they’re skyrocketing in popularity due in large part to the influx of adaptogenic wellness labels such as Moon Juice and Sun Potion, as well as society’s curiosity over alternative medicine. It’s a new world, indeed—and one worth exploring in the coming year.

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Although online platforms in general make us anxious, sad, and lower our self-esteem, an increasing number of online spaces are working to counter the issue. Like the concept of self-care, apps and programs are sprouting up with the intention of making our mental state an utmost priority. Meditation apps like Calm and online therapy make your phone a place of respite. The use of FitBits, as well as online calorie trackers, help optimize health. It’s no question, then, we’re now attempting to utilize technology to improve ourselves—a welcome change from the collective panic it usually induces.


This year, everything old is new again—and Aryuveda is no exception. It operates upon the assumption that humans are made up of a unique construct of 3 energies—Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha. And in accordance with your “structure,” you are prescribed an eating plan, natural treatments, and self-care practices that promote mental and physical harmony. Aryuveda might come off as woo-woo, yet it’s likely some have adopted a couple of its practices already. Think: dry-brushing, ingesting turmeric and ghee, and using this object to clean our tongues. Not so weird now, is it?

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It was a wellness prediction in 2018, yet it seems people are continuing to look for ways to sleep. Last year, we put a focus on supplements and DIY solutions. Now, we’re looking to understand ways to optimize our nightly custom, such as understanding our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm isn’t just responsible for the quality of our sleep. According to studies, it affects our mood and productivity in our waking state as well. So, whether you’re a night owl or insomniac with no success, understanding your sleeping patterns is a science-approved way to fall into (and out of) a peaceful night’s slumber—finally!


In the Philippines, the views about womanhood are changing, and it’s about time. Our periods are no longer viewed as taboo, and talking openly about problems like PCOS and endometriosis encourages camaraderie. And, of course, with all these changes, the collective is exploring new ways to embrace what make us women. We’re using menstrual cups. Period tracking is also growing increasingly more popular. And most importantly, we’re learning to manage our periods internally, utilizing ingestibles such as milk thistle and maca root powder in order to keep us happy—no matter what time of the month.

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