Just when we thought glossy was about to take off, Maybelline pulls us back into a matte romance. Meet the Powder Mattes, 15 fantastic shades with a featherlight, flat-matte look. Get ready to renew your vows with no-shine lipstick!
At the official launch, BeautyMNL sat down with Kelsey Merritt, the new face of Maybelline and the person to blame for blowing your budget on these mattes. Part-supermodel, part-student, and all-around #peg, she fronts the Make It Happen campaign, an inspirational call to the ambitious. With her lips painted in Plum Perfection, Kelsey chatted to us about model life, beauty must-haves, and the best shades in the collection.

Which Powder Matte is your personal favorite?

KELSEY: “I really love touch Touch of Nude. Back in December, I saw the sample and fell in love with it instantly. I would say Plum Perfection also, because I feel like it is the perfect red. It’s dark in a way that could complement any [skin tone].”
Which shade would you recommend for a regular workday?

KELSEY: “Touch of Nude.”

And for a night out? Valentine’s Day, perhaps?

KELSEY: “Definitely Plum Perfection!”
Which lipstick will make us look like a supermodel?

KELSEY: “Well, being a model needs confidence. Having the confidence to wear any red lipstick can make you feel like you can be anything…achieve anything. I think that’s where Maybelline steps in—it can help you gain that supermodel confidence!”
Speaking of which, any supermodel skincare secrets to share with us?

KELSEY: “Always moisturize, especially when travelling. And drink a lot of water. I always try to remind myself to drink, and you can really see the difference.”

Best makeup advice you got on the job?

KESLEY: “Just like ill-fitting clothes, people shouldn’t wear ill-fitting makeup. The wrong shade can ruin everything. You really have to know what colors look good on you, and when you know [that], you are fine.”
What are your ultimate beauty must-haves?

KELSEY: “My lipstick, because you always have to look fresh, even when you’re travelling. I always have moisturizer in my kit. And the Micellar Water of Maybelline, too. My skin is very sensitive, so I have to be really careful with the skincare products that I use. The micellar water is really light on my skin. I always use it when I remove makeup.”

Finally, what’s the best thing about being a Maybelline girl?

KELSEY: “Well, I get to say I’m in the same roster as Gigi Hadid. I love her!”
The Maybelline ColorSensational Powder Mattes retail for P299. The complete collection will be available on BeautyMNL starting next Monday, February 20, 2017.

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