Ideally, we should be getting all of the nutrients we need from whole foods and lean meats. But with daily life becoming busier by the minute, superfood supplements are the next best thing to fresh salad greens.

They’re low-maintenance, easy to integrate into your meals, and require little to no prep work to consume. What’s more, there’s a long list of ‘em to choose from, depending on your dietary needs. Whether you’re looking to bulk up or slim down, there’s an extract, powder, and tablet out there that’d do the trick.

Below, we give you a lightning-quick crash course on 10 superfoods from Roarganics, complete with health benefits and serving suggestions. Go get that boost!


• Stimulates metabolism & helps burn fat
• Reduces carb absorption in digestive tract
• Perfect for accelerated weight loss

HOW TO USE: Prepare the way you would prepare instant coffee. Simply add 1/2 teaspoon to hot or cold water and mix thoroughly.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Green Coffee Extract (250g), P1,200, Roarganics Green Coffee Extract (1kg), P3,600


• Contains a surplus of daily vitamins and minerals
• Boosts the immune system
• Prevents the intestines from absorbing cholesterol

HOW TO USE: Mix 2 to 3 tablespoons of barley grass powder in cold water or juice. Drink in the morning before breakfast or whenever necessary.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Barley Grass Powder (1kg), P2,400, Roarganics Barley Grass Powder (180g), P600


• Detoxifies liver and helps reverse liver damage
• Promotes bone health and reduces risk of bone loss
• Regulates menstrual cycle and eases menstrual pains

HOW TO USE: Mix in coffee or juice, or sprinkle over salads, cold desserts, or cereal.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Ground Milk Thistle (1000g), P2,400, Roarganics Ground Milk Thistle (250g), P800


• Promotes weight loss by boosting energy and digestion
• Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels
• Contains anti-aging antioxidants and anti-inflammatories

HOW TO USE: Mix in fruit juice or use as topping on cereal, ice cream, or parfaits.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Acai Berry Powder (250g), P1,000, Roarganics Acai Berry Powder (1000g), P3,000


• Plant-based protein for those with dairy intolerances
• Helps develop, strengthen, and recover muscles
• Contains aminos that improve physical performance
• Sugar-free and contains more protein than most whey products

HOW TO USE: In a tumbler, mix 3 tablespoons with water. Pure pea protein is flavorless, so you may add other ingredients to taste.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Pure Pea Protein (1000g), P2,000, Roarganics Pure Pea Protein (250g), P750


• More effective for weight loss than soy protein
• Rich in antioxidants and nutrients
• Helps regulate blood sugar levels

HOW TO USE: In a tumbler, mix 3 tablespoons with water. Brown rice protein is flavorless, so you may add other ingredients to taste.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Pure Brown Rice Protein (250g), P750, Roarganics Pure Brown Rice Protein (1000g), P2,000


• All-natural plant-based protein options for vegans
• Helps build and recover muscles during training
• Free of sugar and other artificial flavor enhancers

HOW TO USE: For Brown Rice Protein and Pea Protein, refer to instructions above. For Maca Root Powder, mix a teaspoon with your beverage or food of choice. WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Vegan Protein Bundle, P4,000


• Contains essential protein, amino acids, minerals, and enzymes
• Prevents malnutrition by improving overall health
• Stifles cancer cells with high chlorophyll content
• Aids in the continuous development and repair of the body

HOW TO USE: Take 10 tablets twice daily or 20 tablets once daily.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Spirulina Tablets (250mg), P1,000


• Rich in cancer-fighting antioxidants
• Contains theanine for wakefulness and calm
• Promotes better digestion for weight management

HOW TO USE: Mix a quarter teaspoon in a cup of hot water or milk. May also be mixed into smoothies and baked goods.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Pure Matcha Powder (250g), P1,000, Roarganics Pure Matcha Powder (1000g), P3,000


• Increases mental focus and energy without the caffeine kick
• Improves physical performance and muscle recovery
• Boosts libido and helps with fertility issues

HOW TO USE: Mix a teaspoon with your beverage or food of choice.
WE RECOMMEND: Roarganics Maca Root Powder (250g), P1,000

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