Few things in life are more satisfying than washing a dirty face. And that’s just as well—it is the most essential step in maintaining healthy skin. To make this basic process a little more exciting (and really get into those pores), try your hand at a whipped foam cleanser.

Run-of-the-mill cleansers come in a conventional cream formula—or at most, gel. Whipped foams, on the other hand, dispense as fluffy-marshmallow streams of soap. The weightless, soufflé-like consistency is a treat for irritable skin. And since the suds are pre-formed, you’ll waste no time lathering up. Two of our finest foam-ulas, below!

SPLURGE: DewyTree 7 Cut Nature Source Whipping Cleanser, P1,299
For a foolproof choice regardless of skin type, try the DewyTree 7 Cut Whipping Cleanser. This 7-free formula is made especially for sensitive pelts. It ticks pretty much every box that needs ticking: mild ingredients, powerful cleansing, and a healthy pH level, to boot. Oh, and you know how most cleansers leave behind that uncomfortably taut feeling? Not this one. Your natural oil barrier remains undisturbed even after multiple washes. The foam strips away only what it needs to: makeup, dirt, and grime. Bag it!

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SAVE: Shiseido Speedy Perfect Whip Foam, P522
No extra cash? No problem. The Shiseido Speedy Perfect Whip Foam delivers a similar cleansing experience for half the price. This full-bodied foam glides over the skin like silk—exactly how we imagine burying one’s face in a cloud would feel. Made with potent amino acids, it keeps moisture intact while lifting away every trace of dirt from the skin’s surface. Just pump, spread, and rinse! For only P522, this foolproof foam is a testament to Japan’s beauty expertise.

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What’s your pick: DewyTree’s sensitive skin reco or Shiseido’s rich, cloud-like lather?