Long before intense brow-grooming was a thing, using eyeliner was the only makeup skill to master. It’s amazing how a swipe of ink can instantly transform a look. The only problem? In the PH, your artfully-applied cat-eyes melt down as soon as humidity strikes. Ugh!

But, with much trial-and-error, we’ve discovered two waterproof liners that won’t sweat off in the heat. No more wasted effort, way more reason to wink! Check out our two picks, below.

SPLURGE: Clio Waterproof Pen Liner, P679
A big winner at the 2014 InStyle Beauty Awards, Clio’s Waterproof Pen Liner is every beginner’s dream. Even if you’ve got shaky hands, the felt-tip pen format gives you total control and precision. The real clincher? It boasts an inky formula unlike any other. With its silky, waterproof pigments, you can look forward to full, unbroken lines that won’t smudge (not even on oily lids). Nab the shade Kill Black for a sultry look or Kill Brown for a more natural one. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this Holy Grail.

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SAVE: Maybelline Hypermatte Liquid Liner, P249
Not to be outdone by high-end brands, Maybelline’s Hypermatte Liquid Liner is a true drugstore hero. This matte liner is as waterproof as it gets. Made with a pure black pigment, it delivers bold lines that stay color-true for up to 24 hours. Just dip the applicator in the pot and, voilà! Caligraphy-worthy strokes! You can thank the special thin-tipped brush for that precision. For only P249, what more could you ask for?

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What’s your pick: Clio’s cult-fave felt or Maybelline’s jet-black matte?