We’d sooner lose our favorite lippies than be caught dead without our brows on. Alas, some manic mornings spare no time for full grooming—which is precisely why our brow mascaras never leave our kits.

Whether your pair is bushy, sparse, or super-arched, a “browcara” works wonders for all types of brows. All you have to do is swipe! No other format can deliver the same bushy texture, enhanced color, and subtle definition with just a few coats. So pop one of our picks in your everyday purse—who knows who you’ll run into today?

SPLURGE: Wunder2 Wunderbrow, P1,600
Want long-term brows without the commitment of a tattoo? Try the Wunderbrow—it promises semi-permanent color that stays put for days. This wonder gel comes with two separate wands for brow customization. Use the brush tip to paint over sparse, hard-to-reach areas. Then, brush out the pigment with the mascara applicator to evenly distribute color. The result: full, feathered, plumped-up arches—and not a hint of patchiness in sight.

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SAVE: Pink Sugar Honey I’m Good Brow Gel, P349
While it takes time and skill to master the art of good eyebrows, newbies can speed up the process with Pink Sugar’s Honey I’m Good Brow Gel. The magic lies in its rich, multi-purpose gel formula, which is loaded with bold color. In a swipe, this browcara fills, polishes, and texturizes the sparsest of brows. Midday touchups have never been this easy! Not that you’ll need any—because once that pigment sets, no amount of sweat or grease can dampen your style.

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