How happy are we that strobing is in it for the long haul! Think of it this way: a full-on contour might sculpt your face, but luminous skin has that fresh, effortless vibe that layers of makeup just can’t replicate. In this day and age, here’s exactly what you need to get your glow on: a creamy liquid illuminator.
While highlighters also come in powder and stick form, the liquid version provides the most deceptively natural effect. A quick dab-and-blend over your nose, chin, cheekbones, and brow bones will illuminate you like a row of klieg lights. Sound good? Get lit with our two picks below!

SPLURGE: NARS Cosmetics Illuminator, P1,750 Radiance won’t always come cheap, so make sure you get your money’s worth with the NARS Illuminator. Loved by MUAs all over the world, this cult-fave creates that Gigi Hadid glow: incandescent, burnished, yet natural-looking. Most importantly, its light-reflecting formula glides over the skin as softly as moisturizer, leaving no greasy feel. Sweep it over the high points of your face or mix it in with your liquid foundation for a lit-from-within effect. The tiniest drop goes a long way, so this shimmer-flecked tube will last you an eternity.

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SAVE: Revlon Photoready SkinLights Face Illuminator, P825 Can you achieve a high-fashion highlight on a drugstore budget? Yup—just grab Revlon’s award-winning Face Illuminator. This lightweight liquid ticks all the NARS boxes: flattering shimmer, sheer consistency, blendability, and tenacious staying power. When applied to your strobe points, its crystal-infused formula catches the light like a dream. You can even used it as a base underneath your makeup, since its photochromatic pigments will help brighten up a dull canvas. Such a steal!

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What’s your pick: NARS’ iconic tube or Revlon’s splendid successor?