Strobing may have reached its peak in late 2016, but we’re still not over it. The bad news? Summer will melt that liquid shimmer right off your face. The good news? You can switch it out for its equally luminous, weather-proof counterpart: a powder highlighter.

Unlike fluid highlighters, powder formulas won’t fade away in the heat. They keep skin oil-free underneath, while freshening up the complexion with a luminous glow. Remember—you want shimmer, not glitter. Ready to get lit? Dust away with our two picks, below.

SPLURGE: Pixi by Petra Glow-y Powder, P1,040
Created in collaboration with YouTube guru Aspy Novard, the Pixi by Petra Glow-y Powder delivers exactly what its name suggests: a glowing finish that lights up the complexion. It’s available in three versatile colors: Santorini Sunset (an incandescent peach), London Lustre (a shimmery ivory), and Rome Rose (a golden pale pink). Made with natural mineral powders, every dusting lends the skin a silky, luminous glow. Unlike most powder formulas, its finely-milled particles won’t emphasize texture, so you can highlight to your heart’s content. For P1,040, this illuminating compact should last you well into the year.

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SAVE: Detail Baked Highlighter, P275
Not quite willing to drop 1k on a powder? For just under 300 bucks, the Detail Baked Highlighter delivers the same amount of product and an equally flattering glow. Choose from three shimmery shades: Peach Pie (a youthful pale pink), Caramel Glaze (a stunning bronze), and Vanilla Cake (a translucent white). This velvety pigment glides like butter on the skin. Even with just your fingertips, the silky powder seamlessly blends into the complexion for a soft-focus glow. Each compact is small enough to fit snugly in the palm of your hand—perfect for on-the-go touchups. After all, there’s no such thing as too much highlight.

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What’s your pick: Pixi’s guru-approved highlight or Detail’s top-rated formula?