Once upon a time, your only options for makeup applicators were sponges, flat brushes, or your fingers. Well, the dog days are over! With oval brushes now in existence, the airbrushed finish has taken on a whole new meaning. These top-notch tools blend base makeup like a dream, buffing it in so it looks exactly like skin. Below are two we highly recommend!

SPLURGE: Brush Work Big Oval Paddle Brush, now on sale at P399 (limited time only)
Always running late? Grab the Big Oval Paddle Brush for lightning-fast application. With its oversized head, this brush can blend makeup over large areas in a single sweep. The soft, densely-packed bristles glide over the skin like silk, so you won’t have to worry about getting poked. In a minute or two, you’ll have flawless, streak-free coverage. Ka-ching!

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SAVE: Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Expert Class Foundation Oval 1 Brush, now on sale at P189 (limited time only)
Certified Buyers have described this brush as “perfect for beginners,” so it’s the one to beat. For just over a hundred bucks, the Foundation Oval 1 Brush delivers professional-worthy results. Its medium-sized paddle head is only slightly bigger than your thumb—but that’s strategic. Here’s why: the brush is big enough to apply makeup over wide surfaces but also small enough to reach all your nooks and crannies. In other words, it’s designed for control, efficiency, and precision. Talk about a good find!

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What’s your pick: Brush Work’s palm-sized paddle or Pro Studio’s outstanding oval?