Let’s face it, the hardest thing about makeup is learning how to apply it like a pro. Between the different types of brushes, applicators, and your own fingers, the choices can be overwhelming. But there is one tool you can always count on to make your face look MUA-worthy—and we’re spotlighting it for this week’s Splurge vs. Save! Take a look at our favorite tool of the trade: The makeup sponge is ideal for liquids and creams that need to be blended into the skin. While brushes are extremely versatile, these egg-shaped babies pick up just the right amount of product, apply even coverage, blur out harsh lines, and, ultimately, make your face paint look as seamless and natural as possible.

Get your makeup on fleek with our top two picks below!

SPLURGE: Beauty Blender Beauty Blender (Single), P995 It was the year 2003 when the Beauty Blender’s award-winning sponge was introduced, officially revolutionizing makeup application as we know it. Now, don’t be fooled by its simplicity. This palm-sized tool has become the go-to sponge of every makeup artist, thanks to its ability to “bounce” makeup onto the skin. The result is a seamless finish, superior control, and its pointed tip can even reach into the nooks and crannies of the face where regular makeup brushes can’t go. But most importantly—it lends your complexion that covetable airbrushed look without the price tag of fancier makeup gadgets. At only P995, consider this heavyweight champ a steal!

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SAVE: Pro Studio Beauty Exclusives Egg-Shaped Pro Blend Sponge, now on sale at P338 For a more pocket-friendly option, the Egg-Shaped Pro Blend Sponge delivers the same functionality for less than half the price—you might even call it a dupe. Like the Beauty Blender, its edgeless shape is designed to fit the contours of your face. The rounded bottom blends product without leaving noticeable streaks, giving your complexion a professional flawless finish. With five gorgeous candy colors to choose from, it’s the perfect (and cutest) addition to any makeup junkie’s collection.

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What’s your pick: the Beauty Blender’s cult-favorite sponge or Pro Studio’s candy-colored steal?

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